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    Question Is Ink Refills Worth It?

    I am about to buy a new printer and was wondering if these "ink refills" things actually are worth the time and money to buy. I mean you pay less for ink by far, but is the quality of the ink as good as the original thing that you pay more for?? anyone out there who has tried this and know please help me out here on what to do. Thank you
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    I, personally, prefer new ink every time I'm printing something that really needs to look good. But every once in a while if I'm just printing out an e-mail, or a report for school, I'll run down to the local re-filler.

    In short: I don't think it's worth it to get refills.

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    Dude, you've got to stop with the red text. Or don't. Whatever...

    They have those commercials for ink refills, and they say that it avoids the hassle of getting an incompatible ink cartridge. Well, it introduces another hassle: getting the wrong kind of ink. I highly doubt all inkjet printers use the same kinds of inks, so I recommend you buck it up and pay the exorbitant fee for a replacement ink cartridge.
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    do not get ink refills or 3rd party ink cartridges if you want correct colour

    if you are just printing text and dont give a damn, then go for it...

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    They're junk, don't use them.

    This is especially the case with cartridges such as the ones used by most HP inkjets (vacum state inside). Refill a HP one and it'll print like crap, that's if the ink decides to stay in the cartridge at all. Another point, you can't refill the tri color ones.

    As far as the cheaper replacements, most are junk too. Some cartridges have print heads built-in which have a short life span, generally as much as the original ink. Those cheap refills are recycled and haven't had the printheads replaced.

    If you're wanting to save moeny, either print less or invest in a cheap laserjet. You can find some nice ones for around 100$, just set the quality to draft for stuff that isn't important.
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