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    How-to: Mouse / Keyboard Shortcuts

    1 New item added 4/27/01
    3 New items added 4/23/01
    1 New item added 9/6/01
    New items found in "Macworld's 50 Top Mac OS X Tips & Unix Tricks" 4/19/02
    1 New items added 8/01/02
    2 New items added 8/24/02
    1 New item added 9/05/02
    1 New item added 11/26/02

    ////////////////////// new items ///////////////////////////

    new>>> Quick Key to take a snapshot of a portion of your display!!

    Here's a cool trick MrNivit1 (11/26/02) stumbled upon while messing around with keyboard combinations. Hold down command-shift-4 and the cursor will turn into a target. Select an area of the screen (i.e. click, drag to draw a box, release) and a new graphic file with an image of the area you selected will appear on the desktop (if the picture file isn't automatically placed on your desktop check your "Desktop" folder in your home directory for the file). MrNivit guesses Apple was kind enough to bring this easter egg from OS9 (apple-shift-3 will give you a picture of the entire screen in OS9) to OSX.

    new>>> Jaguar Global Keyboard shortcut

    Cmd~, as of 10.2, is reserved by Apple for cycling through an application\'s windows. This keystroke combo works everywhere, even overriding some applications\' use of the keystroke combo (see also, Adobe Photoshop. Adobe posted a patch for PS which \"unhooks\" this keystroke for PS users accustomed to using it.)

    toddsnc (

    new>>> keyboard shortcuts in Jaguar finder

    To open Application folder (Jaguar)
    Command + Shift + A

    To open Favorites folder (Jaguar)
    Command + Shift + F

    ///////////////////// Terminal /////////////////////////////

    - open a terminal window (start a session)
    - if you want to change the working directory to a directory
    that is deep in many folders:

    a. type cd followed by a space.
    b. click on an active finder window and drag and
    drop the folder onto the terminal window.
    c. smile after you see the full path automatically
    filled in after %:cd

    - you can do this with any command line tool, like if
    you wanted to open a file in vi, just type vi(space)
    and drag and drop the file onto the terminal window.

    ////////////////////// Start Up ////////////////////////////

    Command + "V" pressed while Mac OS X boots will show
    a text screen that scrolls boot status info. (Macworld's 50 Top Mac OS X Tips)

    Command + "S" pressed while Mac OS X boots will scroll boot
    info and then stop with a command prompt (just like a command prompt in
    a terminal window). You can login from here before Aqua loads.

    ////////////////////// Finder Window //////////////////////////

    The option key changes some Finder Menu Items in real time.
    1. Click on the "File" Menu and leave it pulled down.
    2. Press the option key, and watch the Close Window menu item
    change to Close All in real time.
    note: try this in the Window Menu. (Macworld's 50 Top Mac OS X Tips)

    To select a group of files that appear together in a list view:
    1. Click on first file of group
    2. Shift + Click on last file of group

    To select a group of files that do not appear together in a list view:
    1. Command + Click on any file that you want to
    select/deselect into or out of a group
    2. Repeat Step 1 to add/remove any file to or from the group
    3. Command + Drag selects/deselects items the mouse
    arrow moves over

    note: Holding the Command key down forces all items
    to freeze so that items can only be selected/deselected
    with the mouse and not moved around.

    To turn the mouse arrow into a mouse hand (like the hand in
    1. Option + Click in any "white space" of a Finder Window
    in listview mode, then drag the contents around
    (Klink 4/23/01)

    /////////////////// Finder Window Toolbar ////////////////////

    To move/remove item in toolbar:
    Command + Click + Drag

    To edit toolbar:
    Shift + Click top right button in Finder Window

    ////////////// IE /////////////

    To change the mouse arrow into a hand in a window (like
    the photoshop hand) so you can move the page around:
    Command + Drag

    note: This feature was in IE before the Mac OS X version, but
    I just wanted to point it out. I hope Apple gets all developers
    to agree on a uniform method to convert the mouse arrow to
    a hand. Just a thought because this method beats scoll bar
    arrows hands down ;-)

    //////////////// Any Window /////////////

    I just found a great way to hide XDarwin without having
    to use a command key or to select Hide XDarwin from the XDarwin
    menu. Just hold the option key down while you click on another window
    or the desktop.

    To dock all windows owned by a particular application at once:
    Command + Option + Yellow Minus Button
    Option + Yellow Minus Button

    To move/resize/scroll a window that is behind an active window
    without changing the statis of the active window (endian 4/23/01)
    Command + Click on the control of the background window

    note 1: to move a window in background, Command + Drag
    the title bar of the background window.
    note 2: resizing and scrolling in background doesn't always

    You can set the scroll bar behavior in the System Preferences
    window to either jump to a location in the scroll bar or to jump
    one page up or down, but both options are available to you
    all the time. The opposite behavior of what you set in your System
    Preferences can be performed by holding the Option key down
    when you click on the scroll bar. (Matt/VGZ 4/23/01)

    //////////////// Dock ///////////////

    To freeze dock items so that they do not move around when you want to drop an item onto an icon in the dock:
    Command + Option + Drag item onto dock item

    note: this method forces an application to attemp to
    open an item dropped onto the application's
    icon in the dock

    To get any item in the Dock to pop open a menu (Folder/HD icons
    pop open a quasi AppleMenu, applications pop open a menu with
    options to quit, show or select a window and the trash can pops
    open the option to empty):
    Control + Click on the Dock icon

    note: click/hold on any item in the Dock does the same thing,
    but this is a bit slower

    To have the Finder show you where a dock item is located:
    Command + Click item

    To hide all other windows and show the windows of a running application:
    Command + Option + Click on the application icon in the dock

    To hide the windows of the application in foreground and bring the windows of another application into foreground:
    Option + Click on the application icon in the dock

    note: This allows you to switch between two applications
    without hiding things like Finder Windows or the
    Internet Connect status window.

    I would like keep this posting organized, so if anyone has any corrections or additions, could you please email me at:
    Last edited by zootbobbalu; November 26th, 2002 at 04:47 PM.

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    To ask an app to open a file it doesn't necessarily know how to open you can drag the file to the app's icon in the dock and press command and option.
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    another key click combo feature

    Add this to your list zootbobbalu.

    In a Finder window, while in list view mode, Option + Click in "white space" (inside the window which does not contain text) to change the pointer to a grab hand. You can now navigate on the horizontal and vertical planes instead of using the scroll bars.
    Last edited by Klink; April 23rd, 2001 at 04:24 PM.

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    To resize or scroll a background window, hold down command while you click or drag the appropriate control
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    Option clicking in the scroll-bar reverses the option set in System Preferences. For example if you have it set to scroll by 1 page it will scroll to where you option-clicked.
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    For some reason command click-through only works for Carbon title bars, not for anything else in Carbon apps. I consider this a bug, perhaps everybody ought to send feedback.
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    I am glad to see that Apple has finally adopted some of the keyboard and file copy functions from Windows.

    Namely, the command-move from disk to disk is particular nice; now I can specify exactly what kind of drag action on an object I want whether it's a straight copy, move, or create shortcut.

    Being able to copy and paste objects other than just text in the Finder is a great thing as well; one thing that would make everything consistent is the ability to cut and paste (the keyboard equivalent of command-drag) objects.

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    This is great! I've learned more in the past 3 minutes than anybody else would in a few weeks!
    Thanks guys, keep 'em coming!


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