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    retrieve files from an old macintosh

    I own a power macintosh 9500 running on OS 8.6 (English is not my first language, sorry for any mistakes). I have no expertise with macintosh (or pcs). I didn't use the macintosh for a long time (it started having problems with the cd unit and many other aging issues). So now, though I am sorry cause I really used to like it, I think I'm gonna recycle. I turned it on recently, and it still works somehow, though Norton repair says it found major problems whenever I run the repair disk application. Well there are some few files (no backups) that I would like to keep. It has USB ports but it doesn't seem to recognize usb sticks. I was able (with some help I should say) to set up internet, but browsers crash whenever I try to open my gmail or yahoo (or box net) accounts, so I cannot get these files out using email. The files are relatively large (sound files) so I cannot get them on a floppy. Is there any easy way to "save" my files?

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    If you happen to have an FTP client on the machine, you can upload the files to another machine running an FTP server in the same network. You can find Fetch 4.0.3 for system 7 and upwards here:
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    Do you have an external drive - a hard drive that connects via USB or Firewire?
    You can transfer those files by drag and drop to the external.

    You may need to format the drive if it is new using Disk Utility.

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