I'm retiring my G4 350 to a quieter life and was going to get a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) box and set it up to quietly do some tasks until it finally sighs its last sigh (receive faxes, be a print server, hold a few disks for backup, make the coffee).

Obviously I'd rather not have two monitors, keyboards and mice, hence the idea of the KVM, but then I saw the stuff on Apple.com about Apple Remote Desktop. It looks like a rather elaborate admin tool, but is only marginally more expensive than a reasonable KVM.

If all I want to do is set the machine up to do a few tasks, log in once in a while to update things, shift a few files around or write and install a few scripts then can I do all this with Apple Remote Desktop?

Just hoping that I haven't made a glaring oversight before I order it, maybe one of you out there is using it like a network KVM already?