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    Finder not responding - keeps restarting

    i have recently been doing some things to my system as in this faq i found at to "speed up OS X". and then not long after, i tried to move something out of my trash, and the finder locked up, my icons dissapeared, and it kept restarting! I rebooted my machine and the problem persists. it tries to run, freezes, not responds, then restarts. meanwhile, i can only get into programs that are on my dock.

    i restarted, typed cmd-s, then fsck -f, and there were no problems there.
    I put my osx panther install disc in, to try to do an archive & install(to reset prefrences) however i do not know how to get it to run, because i can't use my finder.

    I do not know what i'm doing on a mac. please explain very detailed how i can fix this-- thank you!!
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    From the sound of it, it might be that you have a file with a "weird" character in its name that the Finder can't handle properly. The Finder is buggy like that.

    If this is the case, you can fix it from Terminal, like this:

    cd ~/Desktop

    Look at the list of items that appears. If one has a weird-looking name, copy the name, and then type this:

    mv ./<paste the name here> ./normal_name

    That should change the name of the file to "normal_name" and allow the Finder to work again.
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    If the '' file is corrupted, such as the 'WindowState' -array list within it - 'Finder' will launch, crash, relaunch, crash, etc.

    To delete the '' file, launch 'Terminal', enter ...

    rm -rf $HOME/Library/Preferences/

    ... and press the <return> key.

    Hopefully, this will have resolved your 'Finder' problem. If so, select 'Finder's 'Finder, Preferences...' menu item and make any needed changes.


    '... been doing some things to my system ...' is too vague. If the 'Finder' problem persists, after performing the above suggestion, reply - stating exactly what 'things' you did do.

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    qtluvsjc is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006
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    Thank you for your help, finder is working fine now, and i can get to all the items in my finder windows. I just typed both of those strings into the terminal and rebooted. but my desktop icons are not showing up. sorry i was so vague before, i was in a hurry when I typed this morning. what i did that i think caused the problem was deleted two japaneese fonts. and they were stuck in the trash. it would not let me empty them, so i moved them out of my trash onto my desktop, and that is when the finder stopped responding. they are "japaneese Pro W3.otf" and "japaneese.ttf" where "japaneese" is a bunch of japaneese symbols. but now i just tried to delete them from the trash they deleted fine. so now, how do I get my desktop back? my desktop items show up in the finder window, but not on my desktop. I went to finder preferences, but nothing shows on my desktop- and when I click on the desktop, it isn't even registering it as the desktop. i have to click finder on the dock in order to see finder.

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    shawnaleabrown is offline Registered User
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    help!!! i am having the same problem but tried the terminal thing and it didn't work. please help!!!

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    Give the details of your Mac--see the Read Before Posting--and then tell us what happens when you boot on your Installation Disk that came with your computer.

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    Plus an older version of a Stuffit plugin also caused the Finder constantly restarting problem. So you might to check for that.
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