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    Angry What is the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del on a mac?

    So when I use front row.. certain .avi files, when just browsing, completely lock the machine up ( I guess it's having a problem displaying them in the preview screen)... I have to unplug the machine.. So how do I get out... no key combos that I can figure out work.. not apple/esc (the way I get into FR)
    Any help is appreciated as this is getting me really aggravated with my first apple.



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    Command-option-escape should do it. If not, try command-option-shift-escape. You'll see under the Apple menu that "Force Quit" has this shortcut. Normally, it will bring up a window that will let you choose which app to force-quit; if you hold down Shift, it will silently force-quit the frontmost app.
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    Neat trick with the "shift" key. Didn't know that, will save me a few secs. when Word hangs...
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    Hmm....using the Shift with Cmd-Option-Esc didn't work for me and I'm running 10.4.6.
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