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    I'm really sorry if this is a double post, but i searched and didn't find anything about this subject, so here is my question:

    I recently erased my hard drive, and then copied over a bunch of apps and files. One of them was Flash, which i cannot find the installation disk for. Unfortunatly, Flash is having this weird problem that when i open it and alert box comes up saying->

    Flash requires that you type your password.

    Name: *my name*
    Password: *left blank*

    Requested right: system.privilege.admin
    Application: Flash MX 2004

    So, i type in my password (for admin of course) and then the same window just comes back up. No matter how many times i type my password in, the window just appears again. And, the weird thing is that if i type in a wrong password, it knows it is wrong.

    I guess my question comes to: What should i do to make this go away?

    I have a back up of my whole entire HD before i erased it, so any library or system level files can still be copied.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Is this the keychain asking? you may have copied the ( keychain) files over from the old mac image.

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    When you moved the application back onto the Mac it was looking for the registration key number again to use it. However you must have been corrupted when you brought it back ti a fresh install. I don't own flash but try to first find your serial for the program. Then launch the flash installer and erase to program and all of it's support files. Some OS X installers include a de-installer so see if the Flash installer does. Then open /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access and delete the old keychain, then restart. After the restart reload Flash and enter the applications serial number again. Once it gets running, update the program. Good Luck.
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    Thanks satcomer, that worked!

    Thanks for all your help



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