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Thread: Omniweb updated

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    Omniweb updated

    New Features

    Added support for the Shared Menus protocol in OmniWeb allowing applications such as URL Manager Pro to integrate with our application.
    Added a 'Send Link' function that can be found in the File menu or can be added to your browser toolbar using the 'Customize Toolbar...' sheet. Selecting this will create a new email message using your preferred email application with the title of the page as the subject and the URL for the page in the body.
    Zoomed editor for TEXTAREAs: Using a new control located at the top of the scroll bar well for TEXTAREA form elements in web pages you can invoke a separate editing window. This allows you to edit form text in a window the size of your choosing rather than being restricted to the size of the TEXTAREA on the web page. This is great for inputting those super-long forum postings!
    Added a preference to allow the user to set the number of pages that we store in our window history for near-instant back and forward button performance

    Setting this to 0 is a workaround for a bug that exists in OmniWeb causing JavaScript on any pages navigated to through history to cease to function. A value of 0, however, means that OmniWeb will have to reload all pages from the server when using the back and forward buttons. A more reasonable workaround is to just reload individual pages that you think might be failing because of this bug.

    Netscape-style Internet plug-ins such as Flash and QuickTime now show up in OmniWeb's Plug-In preferences and along with OmniWeb-style plug-ins can be disabled through this interface.


    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Added key equivalents for the buttons in our Cookie prompt dialog: command-R for 'Reject' and command-D for 'Accept but Don't Save'.
    Added a keyboard shortcut for opening preferences: command-, (comma) based on an emerging Apple standard shortcut for accessing preferences.
    Command-. (period) and the escape key now cancel all of our modal panels. Escape now also works on a browser window to stop loading a page.


    Added new preferences that allow you to control what applications OmniWeb will launch in order to post-process a downloaded file. You can selectively add and delete applications as well as disable post-processing of downloaded files entirely.
    Downloads window: We now select the previous entry in the list after you delete one so accidentally clicking the delete button twice won't delete all of the items in the list.
    Added new preferences that allow you to prevent the Downloads window from opening when a download begins and to have the panel automatically close when all downloads are complete.


    Enhanced the rendering performance on pages with many JavaScript events (i.e. <>).
    We now handle JavaScript's that set window.onLoad and window.unLoad.
    Implemented the JavaScript functions moveTo and moveBy which allows scripts to move a browser window around the screen.
    We now support the onMouseDown and onMouseUp JavaScript events.
    Implemented the onClick JavaScript event handler for many elements that did not previously support it including inline images and INPUTs of TYPE 'image'.
    Implemented onMouseOver and onMouseOut JavaScript event handlers for images.


    We now show a tooltip for items in the bookmarks drawer or window that have notes attached or when the title of the bookmark is truncated and not entirely visible. If the command key is held down the page address is shown instead of the page title. We also show tooltips in the History drawer for items that have their title truncated.
    We now pass the page title along to Finder when URLs are dragged from OmniWeb so that .webloc files will use the title of the page for the file name instead of the URL.
    Added basic support for the HTTP Content-Disposition header. This is used by many servers to suggest a file name for the browser to use when saving a file to disk. Fixes many cases where downloaded files would be named something like "download.php" even though the file was not a php file at all but rather a .dmg, .sit, .bin file, etc.
    Users who frequently have excessively large numbers of unviewed bookmarks will find that this no longer results in OmniWeb's Dock icon menu being incredibly long.
    Added items to OmniWeb's Display preferences to allow control over the HTTP Accept-Languages header which is used by some web servers to determine what language it should send a requested page to you in when the page is available in different languages.

    You can now turn off the this header completely to have the server send the page to you in whatever language is available.
    By default we send this header to the web server ordering the preferences for different languages based on the order of the languages that appear in System Preferences > International. We also include a fallback entry "*" which covers any language not specified by your system's International preferences. This fallback can cause problems with some FileMaker, Netscape Enterprise, and Microsoft IIS web servers that do not properly implement the HTTP standard for the Accept-Languages header so the option to omit the fallback range of languages is given.

    We now use a more reasonable default size for browser windows and no longer take up the full height of the screen for users who have not used the 'Save Window Size' command to set a preferred size for new windows.
    Now the browser's URL field cancels editing (and autocomplete goes away) and the browser view gets keyboard focus after you select a bookmark from the menu or the bookmarks drawer.
    We have restored the OmniWeb version information that used to appear in the splash panel but was removed due to a bug on Mac OS X v10.1.x. The bug has been corrected in Mac OS X 10.2 but users on 10.1.x may still see multi-colored text appear at the bottom of the splash panel.
    Updated the Downloads preference pane icon as well as some of our toolbar icons, and the icon for our badge that indicates when a page is secure to make it more noticeable in the Location bar and the title bar of the window.
    The validity period is now included in the information about a security certificate which is displayed when an SSL connection fails to verify.
    Added Netscape 7.0 for Mac OS X to our list of browsers in OmniWeb's Compatibility preference pane and removed Netscape version 6.1.
    We now allow you to disable the printing of headers and footer information on web pages by using the OmniWeb pane in the Print panel.
    OmniWeb now supports horizontal scrolling via the scroll wheel when the shift key is held down.
    OmniWeb windows will now accept the dropping of plain text (from applications like TextEdit), will treat it as a URL, and attempt to load the address.
    We now require you to drag a link outside of it's originating window before dropping it to be followed. This helps prevent the accidental dragging of links resulting in the link being followed.
    We now include a 'Copy' item in our contextual menu when un-editable text is selected as well as a 'Start Speaking' item to have the selected text read aloud (both of which were previously only available through the standard menu bar).
    Moved the preferences related to local HTTP servers into the Source View preferences from the Downloads preferences and exposed a couple of previously hidden options: 'index file' and 'user folder'.

    Localization Changes

    We have removed the localizations from this beta release of OmniWeb due to the large number of interface-related changes that need to be localized. We plan to restore these as soon as possible.

    Bug Fixes


    Fixed a bug that prevented the view in the AutoFill pane from being updated after using the 'Default' button to reset those entries.
    We no longer maintain the same selected range in the AutoFill preferences after you delete multiple items. Instead, we now just select the single item that follows the deleted item(s).
    Fixed a problem with creating multiple new items in the AutoFill preferences without modifying each one of the entries before adding another.


    Corrected a bug in OmniWeb's AppleScript support where browsers did not correspond with the correct windows when accessed via AppleScript.
    Fixed a bug associated with getting the value of the 'is busy' property of a browser window through AppleScript.
    We now handle the 'dest' parameter of the GURLGURL event, which specifies the file into which to write the retrieved object. AppleScript can now use the "open location "foo" to "bar"" syntax to invoke the OmniWeb downloader.


    Fixed the JavaScript hang seen when trying to load <>.
    We now ignore all content found in <noscript> tags when JavaScript is enabled. Previously some elements, like META tags, were still respected even though JavaScript was enabled. This fixes some cases where users would be advised to turn on JavaScript even when it was already enabled.
    Our JavaScript prompt() dialogs now have a Cancel button in addition to the OK button.
    Fixed some cases where JavaScript redirects were not working correctly when assigning to window.location.href (such as on the Star Trek Nemesis web site).
    Fixed a JavaScript problem where assigning to window.location.href would not work if the URL assigned referenced an anchor on the page that was currently loaded.
    Fixed a bug that caused OmniWeb to ignore SCRIPT tags with certain LANGUAGE values. This fixes the JavaScript redirects for event pages at <>.
    Fixed a bug that prevented scripts that ran as a result of an onMouseUp JavaScript event from opening new windows when the user had their JavaScript preferences for opening new windows set to 'Only in response to a link being clicked'.
    JavaScript can no longer steal focus away from our Location bar's address field while it is being edited. <> is one example of a page that could do this.
    Fixed a problem that had the 'value' and 'checked' properties of a checkbox form element associated with one another which could lead to it being impossible to check or un-check the box.


    We now handle the garbled URLs we get from the Flash plugin for NPN_PostURL[Notify](), which allows Flash Remoting to work.
    Fixed an issue where the "Send Feedback" menu item in all our applications had a tendency to get confused (and ask for the location of the Mail application or launch the OS 9 AppleScript applet by the same name).
    Fixed a problem that prevented the delete key from functioning like the delete button in the Cookies preference pane to delete a domain or cookie.
    Fixed a crash that could be triggered by adding a folder to your bookmarks.
    Fixed a bug on Mac OS X 10.2 that could cause a browser window that was requesting authentication via a sheet to disappear.
    Fixed a crash that was triggered by choosing Undo from the Edit menu after reformatting or compacting text in our source editor.
    Fixed a bug where after visiting a page that used a META REFRESH to have another (or the same) URL load after a specified amount of time, then leaving that page the browser would still perform the refresh. This specifically caused problems logging into many Credit Union banking sites, causing an otherwise successful login to be re-directed to a page claiming that JavaScript was not enabled.
    Fixed a bug where OmniWeb would escape URLs received from external applications via GetURL, resulting in our trying to load the incorrect page. This specifically affected some International addresses when using the Map function of Address Book (which uses MapQuest). We now assume that special characters are already escaped.
    Improved the reliability of History Indexing in OmniWeb, eliminating some cases where OmniWeb could crash while indexing the text on a page for History searching.
    Fixed a problem that caused the error message "[OHHTMLOwner eventHandlers]: selector not recognized" to appear at <> among others.
    While on a page whose URL include fragments (such as <>) we now show the entire URL including the fragment again. These URLs are also retained in History as well. However, only the first URL (including the fragment) for a document is added to the persistent history. All other entries are ignored to reduce clutter.
    Fixed a bug that sometimes caused images that were links to be missing link-related functionality in the context menu for the image.
    Fixed a problem that prevented the Back and Forward toolbar buttons from resizing properly in small icon mode under Mac OS X v10.2.x. This also means that the window history drop down arrows appear again.
    Fixed a bug that caused 'Bad request' error messages at Apple's Knowledge Base pages after doing a search.
    We now always load local files from disk when explicitly told to open them (i.e. dragging from Finder, using File > Open). This fixes the issue where a user is likely to lose changes when editing HTML source, because they save and close a file and then open and edit it again later.
    Fixed a problem where links to un-named anchors (href="#") which are often used in conjunction with JavaScript would cause the page to reload.
    Fixed a bug that would cause a page to be added to history every time it reloaded (via a META REFRESH or otherwise).
    OmniWeb now uses the BASE URL of the page for submitting a form when the ACTION attribute is missing or empty.
    Fixed a bug where links to named anchors were not working in all cases @ <>.
    We now attempt to properly handle HTML entities which specify Unicode characters in the supplementary planes.
    We now use a 32-bit-wide variable to hold the character value for hex-escaped characters, as requited by the CSS spec. (Actually, CSS just requires 22-24 bits or so, but in any event it needs to be wider than the 16 bits we had before.)
    Visiting some pages, especially those using foreign character sets, had OmniWeb opening many instances of it's HistoryIndex.ox.log file causing 'Unable to create a socket: too many files open' errors in browser windows when trying to navigate. This is now fixed.
    We now present our unlicensed messages at random again, rather than presenting the same message every time.
    Fixed a bug where tables didn't resize to hold their content after loading an image.
    The message "NSSimpleNumberFormatter class will be removed after 10.2" is no longer logged to the console at launch.
    Choosing 'Redisplay' in an unattached source editor window no longer logs an error to our Error Log.
    Due to an Apple bug (or perhaps feature), OmniWeb wasn't activated when the user invokes its Open URL Service -- the window would come forward bu not become key and the previous application would remain active. Now we activate unconditionlly when the Service is invoked.
    Fixed a bug that would cause OmniWeb to crash when watermarking windows in the unlicensed version on systems that had the pre-installed font Helvetica removed.
    Corrected a bug that had all of the data for downloading files being streamed into memory and not being released until the download was complete. For very large files this could cause excessive paging, stressing the Mac OS X Virtual Memory system, and triggering a bug in VM on Mac OS X 10.2.x (bugradar 3157059) which would write <NULL>'s into downloaded files, corrupting them. Now we never allocate a buffer larger than 16 MB and also allocate very small buffers inline forcing large objects to be broken into fragments allowing us to deallocate old fragments on the fly while downloading which reduces memory usage and also keeps us from stressing the Virtual Memory system to the point where it corrupts downloaded files. It should also avoid some problems with address space fragmentation.

    Known Issues

    The help content has not yet been updated to reflect the changes in this beta version of OmniWeb. Updated help files will be included as part of OmniWeb 4.2 final.

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    Does OmniWeb have an identity crisis? When I have the Compatibility pref set to identify OW as itself, I get an amusing little javascript error at one particular site.
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