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    Unhappy Macbook pro can't boot up & screen display problems

    model name: macbook pro 15"
    model identifier: MacbookPro 1.1
    CPU: 1.83G 512M memory,
    boot room version: MBP11.0055.b08
    SMC version 1.2F10

    don't know what happen since few weeks ago.
    OS X Tiger can't boot up, (blue screen and only have a mouse icon)
    only can boot up at safe mode (shift + power)
    and the screen have a lot of red square (display problems).
    use the install disk reinstall OX tiger 10.4.5 still the same
    do hardware test everything OK
    now update to tiger 10.4.11 still the smae problems.

    my macbook pro using only 1 year, and i heard the news about many macbook pro screen have display problems so far.
    please help.

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    Did you run the hardware test in extended mode and looped for a few hours? Some RAM, MLB, display etc issues will be detected not immediately but after some hours of testing.
    Are you sure you have 512 MB RAM only?
    Did Disk Utility report anything wrong or unusual with your hard drive?
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    Apr 2008
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    thanks for reply, i will try it more longer.
    I use the OS X tiger boot disk and press D key that doing hardware test about 6 minutes. report everything OK. use disktools and repartition no error. reinstall OS still can't boot up normal. only can boot at safe mode. remember that installed photoshop before. now press power key screen already have a lot of red squares.
    no more idea now.




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