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    Many people talk about Copy Cloner. I decide to have it, but at the Panther it only runs 2.3 version. The latest version is only for Tiger or Leopard (you see why I need upgrade to Tiger). I may get the DVD version - one volume may be better to manage than four! My Panther was installed by an Apple support/store that is far far away from here, so my concern is not mass up to much this old machine because dont wanna spend money do fix it!

    I'll try, than I give the feedback. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gustavopi View Post
    ... XPostFacto is a hacker software. ...
    XPostFacto is an opensource utility provided by respected Mac vendor Other World Computing to facilitate the installation of MacOS 9 or MacOS X on certain unsupported Macs and clones. Discussion of XPostFacto will not get you barred because the utility helps users install legally purchased Apple software on Apple hardware.

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    Well, to be technologically exact and accurate, "hacker" does not entail illegal doings. "Cracker," on the other hand, does entail illegal doings (as well as being a derogatory ethnic term).

    "Hackers" are good people. They're the reason we have optimized software and awesome security measures in place. It's all the rest of the people that aren't worth two craps.
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