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    Angry Mac OSX Blue Screen

    Alright fellas, I've got one heck of a doosie. Have fun trying to find an answer to it...

    Okay. Mac Leopard tried to update on my MBP early 2008 on saturday. I had bootcamped Windows XP sp3 to a partition a week before. During the update, everything went well. Afterward on sunday, things got crazy. Mac OS blue screened after reboot. Hard drive is intact with Windows still running. Everything is perfectly fine on the Mac partition. Just cannot get past start up.

    I tried the following to get it to work:

    Reboot in safe boot (no good)
    Reboot holding ALT (no good)
    Reboot with disk (okay)
    Disk repair (no good, everything checked out fine with no repairs)

    I even used a firewire for the "target disk and delete the third party group file"
    method... and then it got weird.

    Instead of getting the Mac driver... the other Mac picked up the WINDOWS partition...

    So... my question is, HOW CAN I GET MY MAC BACK?!

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    Abevias is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2009
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    I'm sorry that post didn't make much sense. For a while now I've been tripping out on this problem...

    Here's a more coherent list of what is going on:

    My operating system crashed on my Mac Book Pro (early 2008 edition). I believe the culprit was Apple Update checking for third party support modifications. I believe something I had tripped it, causing my Mac to fail at start up. I had recently put a partition of Windows XP SP3 for a LAN party not but a week before. Everything was running fine. I then tried to update Mac OS through the update manager, which got me to where I am now.

    I have tried everything to get this Mac to run again. Everything I have done has resulted in more problems.

    I tried the simple method of booting in Safe Boot mode. It still didn't boot.

    I tried to boot from the disk to issue a disk and permissions repair. The list showed that everything was working correctly. I restarted, and still I got a grey screen.

    I tried using the firewire approach. But instead of getting my Mac partition, I got the Windows. The Mac partition was no where to be seen.

    I tried to start from scratch and reinstall Mac OS... And with 2 hours later the Mac did nothing. It didn't boot a window for me or anything. I still had the grey screen with the apple logo and the gear.

    What am I doing wrong...? I just want my computer back...

    If it's any surprise, my Windows partition works great. I'm typing all of this on it actually...

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    Can you boot with a OS X install DVD and do a Archive and Install on the OSX partition.
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