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    Safari 4.0.4 & Firefox 3.5.5 Redirecting

    Safari 4.0.4 & Firefox 3.5.5 Redirecting certain websites to incorrect website and will not allow the website requested to load nor can you use the back button. Issue happens with Google, Yahoo, Excite, Bing, and when the URL is typed or pasted in. Sites that load instead of requested site are;, YouTube, Advertisements, Medical Websites all are out of the ordinary websites.

    I have tried updates, permissions, cache removal, re-installs, resets, applejacks, MacScan, DNS Changer Removal and none have resolved the issue. I almost to the point of doing a re-install, but would like to know if there is another fix before I do this.

    Please help.


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    Could be that your ISP's DNS server is poisoned.

    Try using Google or OpenDNS as the DNS server. The setting for your DNS server is in your Network Preferences panel -> Configuration.

    Google DNS instructions:
    Open DNS:




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