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    Unhappy AirPort Extreme Stops Working 'till rebooted

    Ok, well my Airport Extreme has worked fine for months on end without needing to be rebooted. However recently there was a storm which caused a poweroutage and construction workers also turned off our houses power which caused the Airport Extreme to lose power and reboot each time. Also note that I do use a wireless booster and a omni attenae but the Airport Extreme worked for for months regaurdless of this. I have not done anything drastic to the AirPort Extreme besides opening some ports since I'm running a public webserver/mailserver off my network (ISP is fine with it) but that shouldn't have caused this should it? What's wrong and how can I fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexstar
    What's wrong and how can I fix this?
    I can't tell you what is wrong or how to fix it. AXes are troublesome devices for many. I use mine to join our Linksys network, and it disappears very frequently. To get it back, I usually have to (1) reset it, (2) locate it using the AirPort Setup Assistant (ASA) and reset most ASA settings, and (3) reset everything possible using the AirPort Admin Utility. I hope you can get your AX to work consistently again and without having to go through what I do to get mine back each time.
    Don't worry, be happy! ~(;^)

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