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    Needed: Tiger bug/incompatibility area

    Hi all,

    Now Tiger is with us, i think we need more than one area to discuss at. We can keep the "Tiger Official" one for general discussion, but it would good to have an area for large bugs or software incompatibilities as well.

    Some of these may have been covered in the Tiger Devs forum, but i didn't have the beta so i rarely read those threads.

    For example,

    ARD 2,1 is reported not to work (covered before i think)
    VLC has issues in Tiger ( a big problem for me)

    We could also list software that had been Tigerfied
    For instance, I checked this morning, and Sidetrack now lists itself as Tiger compatible.

    Cheers folks, have fun today!
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    ARD 2.2 will be released, probably right after Tiger.
    FruitMenu has been updated for Tiger.



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