Windows XP Installation on my new Imac

Discussion in 'Mac OS X System & Mac Software' started by smallpaul101, Dec 23, 2009.

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    I have recently purchased a new Imac (OSX 10.6.2), and I want to install Windows XP Home edition on it using Boot Camp. I have already installed Windows on another computer, my older Macbook, and my question is this - can I use the same Windows installation disk and activation code for my new computer? I have read that one Windows XP disk is good for just one activation; do I need to uninstall it from my macbook in order to be able to install it on my Imac? Is that even possible? Any help much appreciated, thanks.
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    Yes, you use that same Windows install. You won't be able to use the same activation code, as it's already been used. When you do need to activate that new installation, you would call Microsoft, and they will gladly sell you another activation code. If you can show that the Windows on your old computer has been removed, you should be able to get another code at no charge, if Microsoft agrees to do that.
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    Yes, one Windows CD license is good for one installation. If you wish to use that disk again, you will first need to uninstall it from the first computer you loaded it on.

    If the disc is an OEM version (it will say so on the front of the CD), then you cannot use it to install Windows on another computer, even if you uninstall it from the first. OEM versions are computer-specific, and the license prohibits you from "moving" the installation from one computer to another.

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