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  1. flacochala

    ibook not booting from original install

    Hi, my name is Robinson and I have an ibook g4 early 2004, my computer had problem with the HD and i had the change ir for a new one. After I installed the new hardware (samsung IDE 160 GB) my mac wont boot from the original installation CD's. It boots up, shows me the apple logo, stays there...
  2. flacochala

    I need line-in in my iBook

    Hi guys... i have ran into a problem. I really need a line in port in my ibook, i have looked for different solutions on the web (imic, m-audio, etc)... the thing is that in the place where i live all this products are extremly expensive (imic costs about 150 U$S)... so i decided to look for a...
  3. flacochala

    resync with my pop account

    Hi guys... how are you? Im having a lillte bit of a problem with I have a yahoo pop account which i use with mail, and i also use it as a web mail, because a lot of my work is saved in mails.... by default erases the mails retrieved from the server, but until i figured out...
  4. flacochala

    creating a tiger dvd with nero

    hi guys!.. long time no see. This is my story... i have purchased tiger some time ago, but the dvd disc suffered scratches making it unreadable... so i decided to download a .dmg from the net (since i have purchased tiger i think there are no legal issue with that) and decied to make a backup...
  5. flacochala

    macbook core 2 duo.. anynone?

    Hi guys... im all excited with the new mabook pro core 2 duo, but this is really out of my budget... does anyone knows when (if this is happening anytime soon) the macbooks will get core 2 duo??? i really want to wait because leopard will be 64 bit enabled, and i really dont want to spend a lot...
  6. flacochala

    MSN problems

  7. flacochala

    to macintel or not to macintel?

    I've been doing some serious thinking the last month. I own a perfectly good iBook g4... but for some reason i wanted the black macbook the minute it hit the streets... my iBook works like a charm, and i haved it for 3 years now, but i thought it was time for a change (although buying a mac...
  8. flacochala


    I've read something about wingnuts, its seams a cool game.. but I own an ibook g4 1ghz, 640 ram and ati 9200 32 mbram card... has anybody tried running this game on this specs... i want to know if its worth to buy the game, because im afraid that i wont play well... thx gyus
  9. flacochala

    ibook hd problem

    hi guys.. im having a terrible problem, i left my ibook downloading some things last night... and when i woked up it was making a really loud noise... a fan noise... then i realized that my ibook was extremly hot... i tried to log in (the screen saver was on, but the screen was off), and nothing...
  10. flacochala

    can eclipse be used for .net develop??

    hi guys... how are you doing... i've posted some time ago that i needed to develop in in my mac... and there seemed no way to do that... but i wondered around a lot in internet and found something... with eclipse and something called cli plug ins.. is possible to program on with a...
  11. flacochala

    kill 2 appz at the same time.

    Hi guys.. well the thing is very simple, Ive downloaded a little app call M-Beat, its a terrific app because of it functionallity and i use it a lot, but the thing is that it have an incredible number of memory leaks, so if i run it 2 o 3 hs it starts eating your ram like a madporgram. So, the...
  12. flacochala

    quake 3 in my ibook g4

    Im not much of a gamer, in fact i bought a mac, because games doesnt bother me, but, me and some friends are playing quake 3... i have a ibook g4 640 mb ram, and ati 9200 32mb vram, what is the best configuration to play quake 3 arena... ive tried some, but with ones it gets choppy sometimes...
  13. flacochala

    isync isnt isyncing anything

    i got my first ipod mini two months ago... the best thing i did after buying my ibook.. but, when I sync it with itunes, works perfectly, on the other hand isync doesnt recognice it, im fact, it doesnt recognice anything, no palms, no phones, nothing.... everytime i connect something to my mac...
  14. flacochala

    Modem Amigo under Mac Os X

    Hi guys... welll im having some problems to find the way to make work the amigo modem (CA80U).. is a adsl modem, and i connot finde the way to make it work... does anybody knows something on this issue.... every ideas work... thanxss!!
  15. flacochala

    ettercap problems

    Hi... well, the thing is i was installing ettercap with darwinports and it throwed me this error.. does anybody knows how can i compile it right?? powerpc-apple-darwin8-gcc-4.0.0: unrecognized option `-pthread' /usr/bin/ld: warning prebinding disabled because dependent library...
  16. flacochala

    visual under mono

    hi, im new in mono and in visual development, but a freind told me that i could use mono for developing soft in my ibook, well i have downloaded the framework, but what else do i need to start programming in visual basic... i really need help, fast.... thanxsss
  17. flacochala

    remove spotlight icon

    Hi, i've been wondering, is there anyway of removing the spotlight icon from the satus bar???? i want to acces spotlight only with the hot keys, becuase the icon is big and i dont like it!!!... thanxsss
  18. flacochala

    10.3.9 has broken my

    hi guys... well here is the thing, i have updated my osx to 10.3.9 and since then every time I log in my mac starts a lot of nice processing that didnt do with 10.3.8, but does not all, my doesn quit, the windows closes but the app stills run, how can i fix this.... i' ve heard that...
  19. flacochala

    Mac spoofing on AE

    Hi... well, this is the thing, i wanted to spoof the mac addr of my airport extreme card, and i read some data over google that i had to recompile my kernel with the etherspoof patch to do that.... well i did it, then change nvram boot variable to boot with my new ptached kernel, but the mac...
  20. flacochala

    Im talking about revolution!!

    hi guys, well, I think my problem is everybodys problem... airport extreme, i had it with that wireless card, i expended a lot of money on it and i want to do with it what a please, but there isnt any rfmon driver for it, i cant run it under linux, and boradcom isnt going to give us some info to...