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  1. SGilbert

    What is my problem? (PowerBook 145)

    You DO realize, don't you, that you're replying to an 9 year old post?
  2. SGilbert

    Problems with internet

    You DO realize, don't you, that you're replying to an 8 year old post?
  3. SGilbert

    Mac-based Accounting Software

    Bill, Do you realize you're answering a 10 year old post? :)
  4. SGilbert


    I've searched high & wide, and cannot find. I search using EasyFind that includes invisible items.
  5. SGilbert


    1) No--Cannot, they seem to be out of biz. All web access just times out. :( 2) Kopypasta is an unlimited clipboard--holding many items.
  6. SGilbert


    The clipboard has to be stored somewhere, even if it's the simple one item Apple provides. No One??
  7. SGilbert


    Is there a clipboard folder for a multiple clips app. I use Kopypasta. What I want to do is open a recent Time Machine backup and resurrect an item from Kopypasta's clipboard that I lost. I have searched all possible combos on my current HD, and haven't found where they may be stored. Ideas?
  8. SGilbert

    Please Help Me for Mac File Recovery

    You didn't save them before erasing your HD? Any old Backups? There is no way to resurrect your files.
  9. SGilbert

    New Apps on

    Speaking of MacUpdate; They've messed around with it to the point that it's a royal pain to use it now. Won't keep me logged in; half as many per page; Ads all over the page. Why can't sites that are a hit, just keep them that way instead of ruining them. Rant over!
  10. SGilbert

    What is your hobby?

    Genealogy all year long, but summer is devoted to boating & beaches.
  11. SGilbert

    Moving from Mac to iPad

    FWIW: MacBook Airs are up to $500 off right now, grab them while you can Holiday MacBook Air deals are hitting a fever pitch, with current and closeout models now up to $500 off while supplies last. Grab the lowest prices at B&H and Amazon with delivery by Christmas for a limited time only.
  12. SGilbert

    Moving from Mac to iPad

    Instead of an iPad, why not a real Mac--such as a MacBook. There should be no problem accessing your video library, although you may need an adaptor. Banking has come a long way--cannot your bank's app/website provide you all you need?
  13. SGilbert

    Catalina: Anyone have cold feet on this?

    I requested clarification on The Print Shop 4 7 days ago with no response. Wrote again today. Hopefully will get a definitive answer.
  14. SGilbert

    Catalina: Anyone have cold feet on this?

    That said, Go64 shows a bunch of Framework, Terminal documents, and Unix Executable Files. Any reason to not delete them??
  15. SGilbert

    Catalina: Anyone have cold feet on this?

    I'm still reluctant. Not that I'm afraid of a new OS, just that there a few 32 bit apps I use daily! Would really hate to loose them. In the meantime, I'm deleting a ton of 32 bit apps I haven't used in years. Strange for me too, as I usually am a quick adopter. I'll eventually pull the...
  16. SGilbert

    Important Announcement

    I've noticed far more daily posts in the last month, or so, than I've seen in the past. As far as I can see, the site in increasing.
  17. SGilbert

    Anyone left?

    I'm here. Awaiting all the bitching about Catalina. :). I'm holding off for a bit.
  18. SGilbert

    Office for Mac

    Does it work OK if the document is saved & closed? That would be my choice.
  19. SGilbert

    Office for Mac

    I have MS Office 16, and have had no problem transferring files to Windows PCs. I also have Libre Office, and never had a problem with it either. What problems have you had?
  20. SGilbert

    NEW OS

    It's quite safe, but a backup is always recommended. Use Time Machine with an external HD. You will feel much better, especially if you haven't done so for awhile--or never!! :)