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  1. Gebloss

    Budget Beach Holiday January/February

    What do you mean "cheap"? There can be dozens of different variants. I think if you have a vacation you shouldn't save money on your rest. You can always get some add money from online services like cashwagon and after time return these funds.
  2. Gebloss

    What is your hobby?

    I like to do many different things. For example it can be workout in the gym, of playing football with friends. Also I'm fan of video games and gambling. I usually play slots. wageringadvisors by the way they provide really cool bonuses now!
  3. Gebloss

    Anyone left?

    Of course yes, there are many different people nad visitors!
  4. Gebloss

    Where to spend a vacation in September?

    I usually choose some warm places near the sea or ocean.
  5. Gebloss

    Is it safe visiting Ireland?

    Yes, why not? are you afraid Conor?DD
  6. Gebloss

    What would you like to buy?

    I want to buy new bike:) Any suggestions?
  7. Gebloss

    Do you miss your childhood?

    Yes, sometimes...I think everyone thinks so:)