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  1. caribooyj

    iMac hung on blue screen/error found

    Please, I need some help with the following: I've moved my iMac. When I went to start it up after moving it it wouldn't start. It would hang on a blue screen and just sit there. I tried using all the little tricks in the book that came with it to try and get it going, all to no avail. So...
  2. caribooyj

    MacStyles...are you using the vinyl decal?What's your style?

    I had a problem with small black spots developing on the surface of my McBook Pro. The area affected was mostly below the keyboard and on the left and right of the trackpad (where my palms are resting). At first I thought it's just dirt but soon realized it's not reparable and must be caused by...
  3. caribooyj

    memory upgrade questions

    Thinking of upgrading memory from 1 to 2 GB. How noticeable is the improvement? Is it worth while in your opinion? What should I watch for when buying memory? Any thoughts on this offer? thx!
  4. caribooyj

    Software Update- Files in Trash after restart

    Downloaded updates 10.4.9, installed and restarted. After logging in I've noticed 55MB of files in the trash. All in a folder named "Recovered Files". Can I safely delete those? What are they? thx
  5. caribooyj

    Camino Browser 12GB

    I installed Camino this morning....thought I give the browser a try. Imported my bookmarks/homepage and used it all day. Nice and fast browser, like the interface but I miss having the ability of keeping bookmarks open in a sidebar. So now I've just noticed Camino is using up over 12GB on my...
  6. caribooyj

    VirtueDesktops 1,2,3

    I love VirtueDesktops and are quite curious how Leopard Tiger's Spaces will compare to VD... I'm using three desktops, one for e-mail and mostly work, two for web browsing and iTunes and three for remote connection to my PC (Chicken Of The VNC) or Parallels.
  7. caribooyj

    Apple Care for MacBook Pro... yes or no?

    $399.00 CAN for the 3 year Apple care protection plan? Isn't that a bit steep? What do you guys think, is it worth it? Have you purchased the plan and why? What could possibly go wrong or come up as an issue over the first three years of my MacBooks' life cycle. How likely is it to get...
  8. caribooyj

    No "Low Battery" warning - MacBook Pro shuts down

    My MacBook Pro 17" shuts down with the battery indicator in the menu bar showing 46% - 48% (This number seems to be fairly consistent, tried it 5 times). I can only get it to restart by plugging the AC power adapter in. It does not go into sleep mode, but shuts down completely and abrupt without...
  9. caribooyj

    Keyboard shortcut for selecting...

    Not sure why I can't find this shortcut... surly it must exist: Selecting multiple files in a list. Windows shortcut is: ctrl-alt-shift +click example: selecting multiple files in iTunes. I know I can hold command and click each file, but if its a long list there must be a faster way to...
  10. caribooyj

    Color change with screensaver

    I am having this strange "color change" happening after the screen saver has been activated. I move the mouse to close the screen saver and the grayish color scheme (graphite) has changed to a light blue. I then have to go into the control panel and click on display to get the graphite back. No...
  11. caribooyj

    UK Mac vs. PC ads ... even funnier than the US/Canada versions
  12. caribooyj

    Command-Tab trouble

    Had this weired COMMAND-TAB problem yesterday. After a short lunch break, returning to my MB Pro I noticed the application switcher (not sure if that's what its called, the command-tab feature, you get a display of all running applications, and as you continue hitting Tab, you can choose which...
  13. caribooyj

    My Connection To You Guys

    My satellite setup. Only way to get online, make phone calls and work from home... it's broadband up to 1.5MB, could be worse. For many years I thought I will never be able to connect from home until finally a few years ago Xplornet provided sat. service for rural B.C. :)
  14. caribooyj

    My Home Office... out in the bush...

    My home office... really remote, internet access via "Wild Blue" Linksys satellite. Can't get much better in terms of office location ;-)
  15. caribooyj

    High CPU with iSafe application running

    Hello, I've noticed that running iSafe Light (password keeping program) is using up a lot of the CPU. % is showing anywhere between 65 and 75 in my activity monitor, while other programs are much less, e.g: Google Video Player - 5.2 Word - 2.6 Bon Echo - 1.5 and so on.... Is there anything...