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  1. mkwan

    semi-transparent menu bar

    how does one make the menu bar in leopard semi-transparent? It seems the sample pics at suggest it is possible to do so thanks Mike
  2. mkwan

    website hacked by SegmentationFault

    does anyone know about "SegmentationFault" hacking into websites and overwriting index.html, default.htm files?
  3. mkwan

    flush/refresh dns cache on freebsd/linux

    hello, how does one flush/refresh the dns settings on freebsd/linux. I only know the flushdns on windows 2000 pro.
  4. mkwan

    /sbin/getty in CentOS

    hello, I know this is a Mac OS X site, I am asking any Linux or UNIX gurus here for help so bear with me on this one. I recently installed CentOS 4.2. I tried installing a network based terminal (Axel Platine Terminal) using tty connection protocol after editing the /etc/inittab file...
  5. mkwan

    I can't make UserDir in Apache 2.2.0 to work

    Hello, I have installed Apache 2.2.0 using darwinports. I am having trouble enabling UserDir to work for example: this link: http://localhost/~mkwan/ shows me 403 forbidden message..... I have tried enter the line below in the httpd.conf file <IfModule userdir_module> UserDir...
  6. mkwan

    Hard Drive Size recognition?

    I bought a 120GB Seagate HD. The OS recognizes the size to be 111GB. What happened to 7 or 8 GB of HD space?
  7. mkwan

    Photo Booth application availability?

    in the recent quicktime stream about the new iPod Video and new iMacs, Steve demoed the Photo Booth software. Is Photo Booth only available in the new iMacs? thanks
  8. mkwan

    Doom 3 Demo

    Well, I tried out the demo....It seems playable in the lowest settings. The game gets choppy when new monsters appear or many at once. I just need to upgrade the vidcard....
  9. mkwan

    ipfw2 in OSX Tiger Client?

    I just found out that the OSX Tiger Server uses IPFW2 as a firewall. did IPFW2 superceded IPFW? It looks like the Tiger client OS still uses ipfw
  10. mkwan

    G5 versus x86 / OS X versus Linux

    I was quite disappointed when I read some of the stuff of this article
  11. mkwan

    problems with installing psqlodbc in Tiger

    I am having trouble installing psqlodbc-08.00.0101 into Tiger first I run ./configure seems to go through without any problems then I run 'make' and I get compiler errors, below is the output of the errors: mkwan:[psqlodbc-08.00.0101]$ make make all-am if /bin/sh...
  12. mkwan

    new critical security flaws in Firefox!

    check this out!!!,1759,1814056,00.asp despite those flaws I still have faith in Firefox!!! (I'll patiently wait for the fix)
  13. mkwan

    programming colors in C++

    hello, how does one program a simple color background application using C++? (not using X Window)
  14. mkwan

    Novell hits back at Ballmer's anti-Linux memo

    check this out... Novell hits back at Ballmer's anti-Linux memo Ballmer at it again.....
  15. mkwan

    where to find mod_ssl source suited for Apache 2.0.52?

    where does one get the mod_ssl source code to be used for Apache 2.0.52? How does one install it? thanks
  16. mkwan

    where ip address are kept?

    In Red Hat Linux, the static IP address is usually set in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file. Where does Mac OS X set the IP address? thanks,
  17. mkwan

    is ipfw really that bad?

    I was at macrumors forum site and I read a rather disturbing opinion on ipfw here is the link:
  18. mkwan

    enable image display in w3m

    I was wondering if it is possible to enable image display in w3m using xterm. I saw it being done in linux(I think it was Red Hat Linux, I don't know what window manager) thanks
  19. mkwan

    setup VPN Server on Panther

    is there a way to setup a VPN Server on Panther? thanks mkwan
  20. mkwan

    beginning X Window Programming

    I would like to know if there are online references I can find for beginning X Window programming using C++ language. I am an intermediate C++ programmer(up to Object-Oriented Programming in C++...but haven't programmed in a while) or any good book reference will do? Thanks