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    Adding Programs to the Dock?

    Ok, just to make sure I got the name right, I'm thinking of the bar on the bottom of the screen w/ all the programs. I was wondering, is it possible to add/remove program links from the Dock (essentially I want to see the programs I'm going to use frequently as opposed to the ones I use...
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    .Mac - is it worth it?

    Hi, I've been giving .Mac some thought, my initial impression was that it's not at all worth it, but what do you people here think. Please provide a justification, regardless of your response.
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    How does UNIX/command line come into play

    Hi, I'm a windows user with complete intention of switching to macs (I'm saving for a powerbook at the moment). I've had limited use of Mac OS X (ie whenever I visit the mac store), and I was wondering where does the command line come into play & how often do I have to use it/what for. So...