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    WTF is with CompUSA, and XP?

    hey jove, yeah, i got the second to last CD at the marryland heights store. man that store hates mac users.
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    TruBlueEnvironment error in classic

    I've been getting the TruBlueEnviroment error when trying to startup classic, and I don't know what to do. I'm sick of logging in as root just to use classic. i've read about this problem in regards to the beta, but the fix they have i can't do, because i can't use terminal to access the...
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    Address Book Photo's ??

    Yeah, that happened to me with the playlist, too. Just change the resolution, and then it will move it down.
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    How can I get OSX apps to open my old files on default?

    If I have a bunch of graphics, movies, and text files from 8.6, how can I get it so that when i double click on, say, a jpg, it will open in previewer, and not try to open classic? These files are in my OSX partition, and i don't want them to have any connection with 8.6 anymore (i don't have...
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    Has anyone gotten Fire to work?

    I can't install Fire by Someone please help!! Ryan Also, are there any soundsets for OSX? I've gotten so use to hearing sound.
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    How much space does a typical intall use?

    I was just wondering how much space a typical installation takes up. i know apple says you need 1.5 gigs free, but i was wondering how much of that is actually used.
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    Splitting Question !

    I bit the bullet and spent almost all of yesterday reformatting and partitioning my hard drive for OSX. it took a while to download and reinstall everything, but now i'm glad i'm ready, and 8.6 (i don't have 9, hence the need for the partitioning) seems to run faster without all the clutter i...
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    Classic, 8.6, and external HDs, oh my!

    although, i do use Macromedia Fireworks, and I haven't heard any info on a carbonized version yet.
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    Classic, 8.6, and external HDs, oh my!

    Yeah, at my university they have 9 for only $52, but i just spent enough money on OSX and an external HD to back up my mp3s. I think i'd spend any more money on the optical mouse before 9. -ryan
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    Classic, 8.6, and external HDs, oh my!

    I know its in the requirements. I've read all of the PDF documents that apple put out, and every time they mention OS9, they just say that if you want to run classic mode, you need it. So, i'll just keep a partition with 8.6 for my old programs, and another for OSX. Hopefully by the time the...
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    Classic, 8.6, and external HDs, oh my!

    I've got an external usb hard drive that is coming in the mail tomorrow morning. I'm using it to back up all of my important files, and then i'm making two partitions on my internal HD. one i will install os8.6 (i don't have 9), and the other i will leave for X. If i don't use the classic...