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    Is it possible to carbonize a classic app without having to write the program over? Classic enviorment is to damn slow, and I wanna make some of my classic apps that are not avalible for OS X... work on OS X... without classic... like carbonizing... heh. Apple Developer tools? Is there a button...
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    IBM prototype chip thingy :) <-- donchya love that smiley? heh.
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    Happy Birthday Androo!!!

    Androo turns 14 at Midnight eastern time (GMT - 5 hours)!!! Happy birthday Androo!!!
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    Slow Mo?

    Can I make the systems genie effect or exposé go in slow motion?
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    Mac OS X help...

    Im new to OS X... used tp be a mac os 9 dude... but whatever... 1. Why does the finder icon in the dock say "Finder not running"? 2. How do I get rid of some menubars (like airport, displays, sound, ect. 3. Not a question... but Im on OS X.2.6 on a 12" PowerBook G4 Thanks!
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    I got a PowerBook!

    I don't know if this belongs here... Mac hardware and all... but... I got a PowerBook G4! !2"/combo/40 GB HD/256 MB RAM/and more! Airport, AppleCare, shes sweet man!
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    Your dream computer...

    Quad 25 Terrahertz (is that whats after gigahertz?) PowerPC G8's 100 Terrabytes of RAM 950 Terrabytes of storage 52X CDRW/R and DVD/RW/R read at 52X iSightt built in to all 3 of my 50" flat screen monitors 1 Terrabyte iPod Dual 2 Terrahertz 40" PowerBook Both running on Airport Wirless...
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    OS X gives me no end of troubles...

    ok... I'm having these terrible issues with OS X 10.2. Anyway, when I intalled it, i needed to do a safe boot (holding down shift on startup), if I didn't, OS X wouldent start up. Now recently, for some odd reason, the finder dosen't launch! HELP!!!! P.S. I can't reinstall... my internal CD...
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    Apple store down!

    There updating... G5's very soon...
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    Not sure where his goes, coulden't find a troubleshooting fourm... OK. I just got Jaguar. It looks great. However, when I start it up, the screen frezes gray. To start Jag up, I need to hold down shift while starting up. I really want to use all of Jaguars features. They look soooo cool but im...