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  1. Mario8672

    How to UNdisable system volume control when using external soundcard

    I recently picked up a new soundcard for my mac and I noticed that it disable's the system's volume control whenever it is set as the default audio output. (the volume up/down keys will not function and the card sets the volume at max). I've tried routing the audio using soundflower bed, and...
  2. Mario8672

    Possible to replace MacBook Pro display with Retina display?

    I know this would completely void warranty, but is it possible to order a retina display lip for my 15" macbook pro and upgrade my current one? I was considering buying the new mbp's, but the lack of upgradeability (and obviously) the massive cost of buying a new computer just don't convince me...
  3. Mario8672

    Internet Recovery '3403f' Error

    I need to use a startup disk to run disk utility and repair my HD, but whenever I restart the computer and hold Cmd+R, I get an error once the progress bar appears (for the download). " -3403f" And it hangs on that screen forcing me to restart. Very frustrating since I...
  4. Mario8672

    HDD "Orphaned Blocks"

    I've had the same issue with the stock 320GB hd that came with my MacBook Pro. The computer took longer to boot, longer to shut down, apps took longer to launch as well. Then I bought the Seagate Momentus XT drive to replace it. For the first 3 months, it was lightning fast. However, I've...
  5. Mario8672

    SSD/HD Hybrid for Macbook Pro (need advice before buying)

    My hard drive (the stock 5400rpm 320GB) in the 15" MacBook Pro isn't able to handle the intense demands I put on it with music production. At first, I was considering buying a 256GB SSD, but I don't have the funds for it. I figure the next best option is getting a hybrid HD/SSD. I found one...
  6. Mario8672

    YouTube is Broken (have tried everything)

    Starting two weeks ago, YouTube has been causing the following problems. 1) Choppy videos, freezing, makes the browser (Safari) hang up 2) The Large Video button makes the player larger, but keeps the video the same size (not filling the larger video box) 3) The fullscreen button completely...
  7. Mario8672

    HDTV only displays at 1600x900 (not 1080p) from MBP

    I have a Toshiba 40" 1080p HDTV which I have connected to my 15" macbook pro from a HDMI cable and a HDMI-miniDVI adapter. So it looks like TV-->HDMI Cable-->HDMI/miniDVI adapter--->MBP The MBP's resolution is 1440x900. In display settings, it says the usable resolution is 1600x900. Why...
  8. Mario8672

    MS WORD Notebook view; anything like it for Pages?

    Is there anything like MS Word's notebook view for Pages? I like taking tabbed notes, but MS Word is choppy and sluggish sometimes.
  9. Mario8672

    iPhone Mail: make read messages sync

    How can I get the emails I've read on my Mac be synced to my phone as read. It annoying having 77 'unread' messages or have to reread them all. Thanks!
  10. Mario8672

    Disable "last page opened" feature

    Is there a way to disable the feature that opens the last file I was working on? ie. I open safari and instead of my home page showing up, it shows the last website I was on before I quit safari ie. I open Preview to view a file and the last file I was looking at ALSO opens in the background.
  11. Mario8672

    [lion] iTunes audio drops and safari freezes up

    I've noticed this problem just now while using Lion, first when I'm using iTunes and Safari together, iTunes' audio will randomly drop out (go mute) without the sound being turned down. This happens until I plug in/out a pair of headphones, then it comes back. Also, safari is INCREDIBLY SLOW...
  12. Mario8672

    Record iPhone Movies using External Input

    While recording an HD movie on my iPhone 4, is there a device that allows me to plug in a (stereo) external input? (ie. use the iPhone's camera, but a different mic to capture the audio). I want to record myself DJing using the iPhone, but direct line-level in will sound far superior to a...
  13. Mario8672

    iTunes Keeps Crashing

    When I open iTunes and play a song, within 10 seconds it'll crash. If I reopen it, it usually just crashes again after the same thing. The crash report said something about "Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000069002000 Crashed Thread: 0...
  14. Mario8672

    Does iPhone 4 replace a GPS device?

    I have the Nokia E72 right now (which has Ovi Maps, a free turn-by-turn GPS system for walking or driving). It's free and takes no data to use because the maps are all pre-downloaded onto the phone from home. I'm wondering if the iPhone can do something like this? I think it has a GPS sensor...
  15. Mario8672

    File Arrangement Settings

    In my Downloads folder, how can I get the files to be sorted by date downloaded, and have them neatly arrange themselves onto a grid? Right now they overlap each other and it looks messy. I also only want this set for the Downloads folder alone.
  16. Mario8672

    Label Color Songs in iTunes (like in Finder)

    Is there a way to make colour labels to songs in iTunes the same way like when I click a file in finder and there's the option for colour labels? I'd like songs to be highlighted in different colours that I can choose.
  17. Mario8672

    MacBook Pro Crashed while it was closed

    Today while walking around, I had my MBP in a laptop bag, and had that in my backpack. On the bus, the backpack fell on the floor (not too hard though). When I opened the laptop again, I noticed it was really really warm and had shut down. After I turned it back on, it showed a "Problem Report"...
  18. Mario8672

    Headphone Jack Broken? (new macbook pro)

    When I plug my headphones in on my brand new (2 days old) macbook pro, the sound is grainy, weak, and fades in and out. What's up?
  19. Mario8672

    Getting rid of gmail mailbox folders on Mail [pics included]

    How do I get rid of the 3 mailbox folders at the bottom of the source column in mail. They automatically appeared when I made mailboxes for gmail. I'm talking about the 3 things at the bottom with the triangles beside them. I only want the mailboxes at the top to be visible (the ones right under...
  20. Mario8672

    Moving iTunes Playlists to new Mac

    Okay so, on my iMac I have a full set of iTunes playlists and songs. I bought a new MacBook Pro today and transferred my entire Music ---> iTunes folder to the Music folder on the new Macbook Pro. My question is, how can I have it so that I have all my playlists from the old computer (I don't...