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    Best WYSIWYG Web Design Software?

    I know that although I am creative and good at using some kinds of software, coding is that type of thing that I am not good at. In one website I had to "hand-code" in an automatic email (ie, one that someone could click on, and it would send a certain response to a specific email address). It...
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    Best WYSIWYG Web Design Software?

    Thank you, Natobasso. Am I using the term WHSIWYG correctly here? By it, I mean software that does the coding for you, so it is mostly drag and drop, or click to insert text, etc. Like Adobe GoLive5 is, or was. Any thoughts on Rapidweaver vs. Sandvox? The latter claims SEO... Best, dave
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    best website software for mac (easy)

    Dear Tech Person, I hate to admit it, but I've been doing my websites with Adobe GoLive 5. I want to use something a bit more modern that will make it easy to add: Music A Blog Video Clips RSS Keyword Maximization for Search Engines (if this is the right term) and so on. I don't...
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    Best WYSIWYG Web Design Software?

    Hi, I've been using macs since 1984 (!) but don't consider myself a power user. Done a number of simple (no CSS) websites for myself on Adobe GoLive 5. I want to buy a program that will let me easily integrate: video clips sound clips blog RSS search engine optimization strategy...