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    How much NeXT code?

    what? you think you wouldn't find next stuff in here? next is dead, long live next/apple.
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    How much NeXT code?

    what? you think you wouldn't find next stuff in here? next is dead, long live next/apple.
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    My 2 Cents can be found at:
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    So far i like just about everything. Apple menu... no big loss. However, I WANT A TRASH CAN THAT STAYS IN ONE PLACE!!! And a "new window" option in the toolbar would be cool.
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    No additional charges apply. Developers register as they have always done. If you want the Full version just do a Full Install. 1 program 2 Install choices. It could happen...
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    What If... Apple were to release a dual installing OSX. We could have a full blown install. (geeks, developers, students) And We could have a single user installer. (For individuals that never, ever, ever want to use unix.) Apple could even put a Preferences Icon on the Library Folder. : )...
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    Sounds fishy to me.
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    Graphics Market and OSX.

    Running a strictly carbon/cocca OS. No Classic Environment. OSX in the office? Mail, Browser, Database. Output (Lets hurry up with those print drivers) How close are we? Very close. OSX in the production? Office Apps + Industry standard Graphic Suites We are going to have to wait...
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    Thoughts on OS-X/UNIX/and MacOS

    I agree. The average MacUser will be road kill. This is not the Mac OS. May never be.
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    Terminal Zombie

    A zombie process is one that has ended but hasn't freed up it's resources. Sometimes it is refered to as a "wedged process." Evidently, sometimes this staus won't change until reboot. However, i didn't have to do that. Way to go X. It's like unix with it's panties in a wad.
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    Terminal Zombie

    oops. guess what ? I found my own answer. It's actually in a book i'm reading. sorry
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    Terminal Zombie

    No it's not a rock group. I had one terminal open. I went to launch another terminal and got the little swirley hang status icon. Console said: /Applications/Utilities/ kCGSErrorIllegalArgument : windowGroup: error getting ordering group property...
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    Syntax 4 Dummies?

    Also, for the specific shell tcsh you can type in "man tcsh" to get commands and arguments for this shell. cheers
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    Syntax 4 Dummies?

    There probably is, however i don't know of a good one offhand. You can use the manuals inside unix itself. try this type "man man" in your terminal window. you can also use the help system inside terminal for arguments to certain commands. This might help you. cheers
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    Changing to bash

    Do you have to have the dev tools to install bash? I want to install it too, but i'm still rooting around for information on how to do this. I also downloaded bash 2.0.4 but is there a more recent?
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    how do i get into the usr-directory?

    cd / this will bring you to the top of the files system then type "ls" or "ls -i" to see everything then type "cd usr" then you will be in usr type cd / at anytime to get back to the top. get a book if you want to play. suggestions: Unix in a nutshell by Arnold Robbins Unix in...
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    OS X on Intel! Sign petition!

    Yes, OSX should be ported to intel chips, But not PeeCees. It would be fine as long as APPLE sells the Hardware!!! If you want X. Buy a Mac with intel inside!
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    Anybody found a use for label?

    I'm assuming Label in the View Options is now a dead issue since we have pictures instead of icons. Any other ideas what it is there for.? A holdover?
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    just hit the print button in any app. right now i use the printcenter to make pdf''s from preview mode. cool