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    Memory nightmare!

    I realise that, but I'm using a lot of plugins that are not 64-bit compatible, so I can't switch. Anyway, I'm not using more than 2.5Gb of memory for Logic anyway at the moment, and in the past I've run a lot more plugins in Logic than I'm currently running without any issues. Could I have...
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    Memory nightmare!

    Hi all, Would REALLY appreciate some help with this! Wasn't sure whether to post this in a Logic forum, but it seems like it's happening across the whole system, and it just happens that Logic Pro is causing the most issues. Logic is crashing with low memory messages. I really have no idea why...
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    Change a Plain text file to Unix Executable File

    I have a file that should be a Unix Executable File, that for some reason shows up as a Plain Text file. I have downloaded FileType - but I don't know the creator and type codes that I need. If anyone knows these I'd be very grateful. I've read it's possible to change this in Terminal as...
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    DVD appears blank - but I know it's not!

    Hi all, I've just acquired the Vienna Special Edition Plus sample library bundle (don't worry if you don't know what this is, it doesn't matter). The 2 DVD's for the the Special edition worked fine. The 2 DVD's for the Special Edition plus, which should be in a similar format, appear blank in...