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    X Should not have Classic Mode

    True. Mac On Linux is an example, also VMWARE on the intel side. I have since come to the conclusion (after posting this) that that way Apple has done this is probably the best way. Running an app in Carbon is better for the program being able to take advantage of OS-X 's better memory...
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    X Should not have Classic Mode

    I don't think you got the point here. Softwindows and any other EMULATOR is meant to emulate some type of hardware in order to run a certain type of software. I use Virtual PC myself so I can run windows programs. Classic mode is running OS 9 (built for the same hardware) under OS X (same...
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    Now I should have been paying more attention to this but I had to do the script twice. I believe I got errors both times (although I was using the old script). But after the second time I typed gcc and it worked fine. Nate
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    web serving (apache and php)

    I have tried everything on this page, checking, re-checking, and installing, compiling.. still can't get PHP4 to work. Any ideas?
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    Command Click

    I just found a little something. If you command click on a program in the dock it brings up the program in the finder (ie the location of the program)
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    You could always put the development tools back in Mac OS X by following these instructions. That should give you gcc.
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    lauching apps in terminal window.

    To execute an application from the unix command line, type in the full path to where the application is stored (ex. /applications/web/bbedit) or if you are in the right directory already type ./bbedit. When you just type the command it looks in the path for that programm, not in the current...
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    web serving (apache and php)

    I'm having problems with PHP also. And mod_php4 does show up. I was trying to do a make clean and I noticed something that make be a problem. I was following the instructions for a unix installation so I did make clean then make install and this is what it said...
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    A Centered Menu Bar

    I think having a centered menu bar would prove to be a bit oddish and not user friendly. For the poweruser that uses the icon instead of the name in the left corner will grow accustomed to where the File, Edit, View menus are located at, to have these menus not static would confuse, and I...
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    web serving (apache and php)

    I got that same file (do_download.php), but I just extracted it using gnutar -zxf and it worked fine.
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    Connecting to windows shares...

    Hey I downloaded the source for samba-2.0.7 and compiled it. But I can't seem to get it to work. I put the information in as it asked me too but I'm wondering if darwin handles thing differently. I know it uses the lookupd but I read the man page on that and didn't get any additional...
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    Relational Databases for MacOS X

    First of all I don't know what the porting entails but if you have the source can't you (most of the time) compile it on your system and it should work (as long as there is not a lot of platform specific code)? Second of all there is a beta of MySQL for Mac OS X Server here...
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    What happened to Carbon SoundJam?

    This is strange because I got my hands on a copy of it and so far it's been working fine with Public Beta.
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    Back- Up ?!

    No I have not yet gotten my Epson printer to work. I'm not expecting to have drivers for it until the final release next year since that is when epson has promised to deliver them. Because of the complications between the BSD layer and X (Mac OS X that is) I don't see any way to get it before...
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    Carbon support in other than OS 9

    As far as I know Carbon applications are only supported in OS X and OS 9. Isn't it feasable to support Carbon in other versions of the os like 8.6 or 8.0?
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    No Networking? :-(

    From what I gathered from reading the Docs and built-in help files that the PPP Connect is going to be much improved. Atleast to the point that it works like OS 9. When they say you go from running a network to a dial-up conenction you have to restart which they say is not going to be the way...
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    Back- Up ?!

    Back up all of your most important data just in case. Personally I took the risk and didn't back up anything. And it's worked just fine. On a second note dual boot works fine. Copy the Startup Disk utility from the Mac OS X cd to your desktop in Mac OS 9. Then if you're in OS 9 use that...
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    Are requirements attributed to aqua?

    My idea was this. If there was a way that apple could disable some of the fluid aqua behaviour to bring the system requirements down, it would be a better business plan for them to support more systems with an optional Aqua Interface than to support less systems with a required Aqua Interface...
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    X Should not have Classic Mode

    I agree with you on one thing I would much rather run Carbon and Cocoa apps exclusively. But the problem being. First of all there is going to be a period when all of your software is going to be changing from Classic to Carbon to Cocoa. And the only applications that are going to do that are...
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    The Dock and an Application Manager

    It is my opinion that the dock does a good job showing running programs, switching application and throwing things away. But doesn't do a good job as an application launcher. So to solve this couldn't they use the right side of the menu bar? There is nothing there, they could incorporate an...