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  1. MrNivit1

    X11 and Ultrascan

    Hello all, I am new to the terminal/UNIX end of OS X and I need some help. I need to run a program called ultrascan (found freely here: ). I installed X11 and tried to set it up using the provided installation instructions and following the installation...
  2. MrNivit1

    iTMS down 10:16 pm EST

    Anybody notice the iTMS is "unavailable" with an error 5555? Could this be a music store update (perhaps for tomorrow's keynote)?
  3. MrNivit1

    Post your uptime!

    Hello all. I've seen several instances where uptime has been spoken of as a point of pride. How stable is OSX on average? Let's find out... For all of you that sleep your Mac instead of shutting it down every night (or run OS X servers), post your uptime and we'll find out how stable OS X is...
  4. MrNivit1

    Wall street likes Apple [iPod] not MS...

    Well, I never thought we'd see a day when Wall Street was crazy about Apple and not so hot on MS, but.... Apple: MS: Thoughts (esp. concerning the...
  5. MrNivit1

    iTMS:1 million till 1/2 billion

    Less than 1 Million songs to go. 500,000,000 should happen sometime tonight or early sunday morning (US Eastern time). For those interested in the contest, get your mouse button ready... ;)
  6. MrNivit1

    iTunes spiking processor

    Hello all, Since I have a PB and I am always concerned with processor load and its not so nice side effects (heat/ battery drain), I decided to post this to see if anyone else has the same issue. Whenever I update the podcasts I have subscribed to, iTunes tends to run the processor at 100%...
  7. MrNivit1

    PC's too expensive, Intel copying

    Well, isn't this somethin',1282,67664,00.html?tw=rss.TEK Seems copying the Mac mini isn't only hard to do, but also more expensive. Apple really did a nice job with the mini Mac in making it the least expensive machine out there.
  8. MrNivit1

    Great review of 10.4 features, in depth

    I ran across this earlier today and have been reading through it on and off all day (warning, very long). This is a very good indepth article about all of the changes to OS X in 10.4. This article made me realize that the upgrade is really worth the money. For all of you that say there are no...
  9. MrNivit1

    Microsoft copying Apple's use of PDF

    Well, it seems that MS is copying another aspect of OSX; OS level PDF-like support. Except, they are taking on Adobe and making their own PDF-like format.,1995,1789314,00.asp
  10. MrNivit1

    Word 2004 eating processor

    I've noticed that ever since I updated to 10.3.9 that Word 2004 tends to eat processor cycles from time to time. Happens every 5 minutes or so. The program just spikes in processor use until I move the text cursor or change something within the document. Very strange. Just concerns me a bit...
  11. MrNivit1

    Mac OSX 10.3.9 is out

    Pop on over to
  12. MrNivit1

    Control clicking restarts Finder

    I don't know when or how this developed, but whenever I bring up the contextual menu in the finder (OSX vers 10.3.5), the finder seems to restart (like it crash-quits and relaunches). What are the files associated with the contextual menu and can those files be reinstalled? This behavior...
  13. MrNivit1

    Mac Virii (or Viruses, if you prefer)...

    There has been a lot of talk about viruses in a bunch of threads. Other threads and sources say that Windows has over 50,000 of them. Luckily, we Mac users have only ever been plagued with 300 (mostly old OS 9 ones, too). For the fun of it, let's see if we can name them all... One...
  14. MrNivit1

    Remember that botched Microsoft ad...

    ... that highlighted confessions of a Mac to PC convert and the fiasco surrounding it? Well, it's made a list of dumb buisness blunders...,1640,47750%7C2,00.html Way to go Microsoft!!:p
  15. MrNivit1

    Microsoft planning on tracking EVERYONE!

    Well at least those who buy MS powered watches... I found this while parousing I love this part... "Some manufacturers, Microsoft said, are also looking at making the watches into tracking devices...
  16. MrNivit1

    Upgrading a B&W G3

    Hello all, I am looking to upgrade my G3's CPU with a ZIF G4. What's the best option (Mhz per $) for upgrading the system and still remaining compatible with 10.2? Is this the best route to go in speeding up the system? Thanks.
  17. MrNivit1

    QPS Que (12x8x32x) firewire not responding

    Long time reaser, first time poster :D . I have a QPS Que firwire drive that dosen't seem to be responding to Toast, iTunes, or Finder burning. The drive is recognized by all three programs, but as soon as I start burning a CD, the progress bar just hangs with no data written. iTunes...