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    Cursor stability

    i thk this has to do with the tracking speed of the mouse in windows. the mac generally is much slower (and more accurate) I think it would be nice if osx supported a little bit faster movement. but i'm sure it will also allow it to stay slow.
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    longer file names?

    Does anyone know if MacOS X will support (or if public beta does) longer file names? It would be sad if Windows had longer file names than OS X!
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    Splitting Question !

    If you are talking about partitioning a drive without wiping it, I don't know that its possible. I wish it were. Anyone out there know if there's a utility that does this? I have a G4 w/ 20GB drive as well. I only have a zip drive and about 2 or 3 zip disks. Thats not nearly enough to back up...
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    Ok, it seems kinda wierd to me that your system would display an OS X questionmark if you started up with nothing but an OS 9 cd. All the computer had to go from was that cd, right? How would it display the OS X icon without your HD? Maybe there is something here you have overlooked, or maybe I...