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    itunes music store / tracking podcasts

    Hi all. I wasnt to sure where to put this post. I have a podcast on itms but am surprised at how little support there is on the backend from Apple. There is no way to edit anything once it is approved. The major thing that I would like to know and hope someone out there can help is there a way...
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    font book issues? photoshop? flash?

    Hi all, I installed a font.... according to font book its running ok. i can even use it in photoshop. I cant however use it in flash or word.....!!! ACK!! Has anone seen this before and know how to get it working across all apps. thanks.
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    php's mail()

    Hey all. Do any of you suggest using certain headers for mail() before sending? I have a feeling some of my emails getting sent from php are getting rejected by other mail servers
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    phpmyadmin/mysql autoincrement

    Hey all, I have my primary key as auto increment everything is working fine. But I am in developement right now and when I delete all records then make another insert the id is still as if the old records were there.. is there anyway to reset the increment value back to 0 thru myadmin. I see...
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    symlinks thru apache

    I have used symboliclinker a small freeware app I found at macupdate to make a symlink from a directoy on my machine under apache. Its seems to work well. All files can be viewed from the net. However when any of my friends try downloading the files they download for a few seconds then...
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    external smtp in php.ini

    Is it possible to use an external smtp address in the php.ini? I tried to set it to my ISPs smtp. In my phpinfo(); it shows the smtp as being the one I set it to however it seems that the emails arent going through. Any ideas if this can even be done?
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    iPhoto move library

    Hi all, I started using iphoto for the first time today. I imported a bunch of old photos and they were automatically put into a folder depending on the timestamp. However some of the timestamps are wrong or something. So now I need to move a few pics from the 2004 library to the 2003, but I...
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    i hate IE

    Does anyone know how to make this IE friendy? document.getElementById("the_form_div").style.display='none';
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    tiger llosing minimize button? has anyone seen this before???? Ive tried permissions and all that.... when i log out it seems to fix itself.... but it comes back eventually. Completely bizarre....
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    2 calls onclick javascript

    <a href="#" onClick=" = 'none'; = 'all'"> Does anyone now how to make 2 calls (not functions) onclick? I think Im getting messed up in a syntax issue.... with the code above it only executes the first call.... thanks
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    airport + smtp ?

    Hi All, has this happened to any of you? Today I was at a cafe using thier wireless network. I tried to send an email but got an smtp error, I was assuming it was the cafes netowrk was a different ISP, would this make a difference?. I just shut down Mail and did everything thru webmail. I got...
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    special characters in a javascript alert?

    Does anyone know how to put special characters in a javascript alert? Im trying to make a french js alert.... alert("Veuillez inscrire votre pr&eacute;nom..") thanks for the help.....
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    non itunes podcast feeds

    Does anyoneknow how to add a podcast feed url into Itunes that is not found thru itunes? I love this feed but i cant find it thru Itunes.... Thanks
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    3d ware

    Can any of you suggest an easy to learn 3d application with a good image wrapping and flash export?
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    mail on tiger noob

    Hey all, Im new to mail ive been keeping everything web based thus far... I have made a rule to say anything from * place mail in mailbox that Ive created for that domain.... The rule works great. My issue, is that if Mail is minimized the dock icon does not change showing me...
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    mail - pop sent mail

    Hey all, I have about 200 emails in my sent folder on my pop acct...does anyone know if its possible to download these to mail in tiger?
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    youre favorite podcasts

    Hey all, So podcasting launched yesterday in the new Itunes. Theres ppl that love it and some that hate it..... i personally think its wicked. The one thing I found lacking is Itunes library of available podcasts, I KNOW there is more than this out there... so namew your favorite podcast, and...
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    dashboard the new desktop?

    With all these widgets coming out I wonder how long it is till adobe releases Photoshop as a widget.... ;)