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    New PHP question.

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    PHP help please...

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    windowmaker and Xdarwin.

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    .bashrc versus .bash_profile

    This is what I had to do also, the thing is that I do not understand is why xterm reads one file and Terminal reads the other on startup. I would have thought that they would both read the same file on startup. Thanks. SA :D
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    .bashrc versus .bash_profile

    From what I gather from the bash man file, .bash_profile is for and interactive login shell and .bashrc is for a non-login interactive shell. I adjusted .bashrc to add to my path and add an alias and opened a new Terminal window and nothing happened. So I put the changes into .bash_profile...
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    How can I merge multiple mp3 files??

    Exactly what I was looking for, except I can not compile the program. Any ideas? Thanks. SA:)
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    How can I merge multiple mp3 files??

    Thanks, but there is only one app on version tracker. It sucks and does not want to work properly with multiple mp3 files. I was hoping there was a command line app I could use instead. Thanks. SA:)
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    How can I merge multiple mp3 files??

    Can someone tell me an application for merging multiple mp3 files? I have a folder that contains multiple mp3 files and I would like to merge them into one long file. (Talking about hundreds, so quicktime may be cumbersome) Thanks in advance. SA :D
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    An eBook organixer similar to the iTunes idea???

    Hi- Has anyone foumd an application that can keep your ebook files organized similar to the way iTunes organizes music files? Thanks. SA :cool:
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    My 'Help' is broken in 10.3

    Every time I try to open Help in 10.3 it crashes and sends a bug report to Apple. I upgraded to 10.3 and this is the only Application that is not working correctly as far as I can tell. Any ideas? Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks. SA :mad:
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    aac player for Windows???

    Does anyone know of a Music Player for Windows that will play all of my AAC files from my Mac?? I'm forced to use a PC at work. I would really like to be able to play my songs there. Thanks. SA:D
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    Split movie (burnable on one cd)

    Try using divx doctor to turn the Divx file into a .mov file. You can then take this file and use the "missing mpeg" tools to turn this into a fromat suitable for VCD and make a VCD or SVCD cd. However, if you have already ripped the movie to divx using something like mencoder for OSX, you can...
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    Help, I've fallen and I'm losing Drive Space...

    Anyone- I seem to be losing space on my harddrive for no reason. This is on my mac that acts as a webserver and is constantly connected to the internet. Nothing obvious in the logs. But when I run top, there is an MP3server running under root. I do not know how to reclaim the lost space but...
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    Newbie Shell Question

    how do I write a script that will "pushd" my shell from it's current directory to a new directory? for instance, I tried the following: #!/bin/sh pushd /User/username/bin What I got was the listing of directories in the stack but I was still in the original directory. I want the shell to...
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    ftp question ...

    How do I set up ftp on my Mac running 10.2.6 so that only specific directories are accessible by specific people? With the default ftp setup, all of my root directories are accessible. Help Please. Thanks. SA:D
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    Help using ghostscript please.

    I am trying to use ghostscript to merge one or more pdf's but everytime I try it moans about libpng.5.dylib being missing. I did a google search and can't seem to find what it is I need to install to get this library. Does anyone know? Or does anyone know of another way (cheaper than Adobe)...
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    Cool Idea.

    I don't know if this is built into 10.2.3 or if something else installed this service, but I came across a nifty little service under the services menu. Summary service will take highlighted text and break it down into a summary of the full text. I just started to play around with it but it...
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    While we are on the subject of Tk...

    Yes. They are for the Aqua interface and are incomplete and difficult to work with compared to unix Tk. Also, the Tk unix version will not compile on 10.2.3 without errors. You have to make a Framework. PITA:) Thanks. SA :)