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  1. banjo_boy

    Is my logic board dead?

    My 17" PB is dead! I push the power button and get no chimes, but a couple seconds later the fans start blasting. Nothing on the screen. Eats CDs. ARUGH! Anyone have some thoughts?
  2. banjo_boy

    New Nanos? Anyone have a guess?

    Hey everyone! If someone has written this already, please direct me the the thread. My son wants a Nano for his birthday (end of this month). I however heard rumblings that the Nano was being updated sometime soon. Does anyone have a grasp on when? I was going to buy the 4Gig but if there...
  3. banjo_boy

    Desktop menu at Apple Stores...

    Does anyone know the desktop menu app that is used at the Apple store? It is usually right in the center of the desktop with schedules of classes and such. I ask a guy there and he said it was solely for the Apple store. I don't buy that. Anyone?
  4. banjo_boy

    Entourage 10 "recently used" export

    We are having a bear of a time removing the "recently used" emails from Entourage. HAs anyone had success with this?
  5. banjo_boy

    PC software... Mac equals?

    I have officially jumped from full design to almost full programming and I am in need of finding software that would be comparable to my coworkers' apps. The cool thing is, they want me to work fully on the Mac so we have both platforms covered. Anyway, this is the list of software that I use...
  6. banjo_boy


    Does anyone here use it? I would love to sync my iCal et al to Groupwise so I don't have to use it. Anyone successful in that?
  7. banjo_boy

    A Mac app like EditPlus?

    Has anyone here used EditPlus? It is a great (and cheap) code editing tool and I am trying to find the same thing for the Mac. The feature I like most is the file tree. With as many files as I go through in a day, I need it. Dreamweaver has it, kinda. The way Macromedia has it set up is a...
  8. banjo_boy

    Powerbook Updates?

    I am wondering if anyone has heard of any Powerbook updates. I understand no G5's blahblahblah. I am talking a boost in Ghz, Disc space, and the like. I am looking in the next month.
  9. banjo_boy

    HELP! A file deleted accidentally....

    I was recording a seminar this weekend. The guy (PC user) helping me put the wrong sound file in the trash in the trash and threw it away. Does anyone know how I can get that back? I don't have the Norton's Utilities Untrash. Is there a way through thru the terminal? Root user? I NEED this...
  10. banjo_boy

    The "mystery item" is out again...

    Appleinsider is say there is a third product that was not announce yesterday (11/18). Their predicting that is is the display upgrades. I have heard about the 30" Cinema. Feasible? Also, I could care less about this, but keep hearing rumbling...
  11. banjo_boy

    What is a good un trash program...

    I just threw away a few items that I could benefit from in the future. What is the best recovery tool for that. I am running 10.2.8. Thanks
  12. banjo_boy

    Apple exec: No G5 Powerbooks coming soon

    I haven't heard about this before today's article on Mac Rumors, but how cool would that be. Is it possible? I will probably be in the market for a 17" PB then. Here's to hoping!
  13. banjo_boy

    Safari and Flash not playing nice together

    I upgraded my Safari as everyone else had to. Because of this, I have only been able to see 50% of all flash site I go to, at most. I have upgraded my Flash player to the latest one and nothing still.
  14. banjo_boy

    Adobe bug?

    When I am in Illustrator and/or Photoshop, if I happen to click on the desktop, my Finder seems to restart. All folders open on the desktop are gone.
  15. banjo_boy

    OS 10.2.6 is messin' with me...

    Has anyone had this problem? I open one of my folders, and sometimes another within, and all the icons changes to the same icon and it is hardly ever the one that represents the files inside. After that ALL my folders do that same thing until I reboot. Any thoughts? No icon programs on my...
  16. banjo_boy

    Has anyone's Internal CD Burner just die on them...

    The CD burner on my 733 just died, I think. Saturday, I tried opening the drawer and it didn't respond. I shut down for the night. Sunday, I tried again. The drawer opened but no CD that I put in would not be read. I have not opened the case to paly with anything inside for ages. Did it just...
  17. banjo_boy

    PDA / Phone nixed yet again by Jobs...

    Well, Steve-o gave yet another blow to the Apple PDA / Phone crowd. Here is the link to the PowerPage article: This does however keep the tablet idea alive. I myself would be happy with a full operating...
  18. banjo_boy

    Recording onto a Mac

    I want to know how to record vocal/singing to my Mac. How do I hook up a microphone to my Mac and what program would be best for recording?