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    Using dsconfigad to append groups

    As far as I can tell, you'll need to pull the group info from dsconfigad, then append the group/s, and then write it all back to dsconfigad. I don't see an append argument for dsconfigad. If dscl's append argument can't write to the AD plugin, it might be easier to use the "defaults" command to...
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    system speed

    Was there software to install, from Verizon? If so, Don't install it. :P
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    Terminal replacement

    As for loosing the ability to drag files/folders to the terminal to enter paths, there is a nice contextual menu add-on, PathSnagger, that can copy the path to the clipboard for pasting. Certainly not as sweet as dragging the object to the terminal window, but it helps bridge the gap... Also...
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    Terminal replacement

    An example of where this might be handy, would help. The command line is not really intended to be a GUI editor. You could try using BBedit, or maybe even TextWrangler. Both have the ability to run commands from within the application, and get the output back in editable documents.
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    Change Sounds

    That "blong" startup sound, right after you hit the power button, is in firmware/ROM and is not changeable, any more than the beep-beep, famous in older PCs or the silence in the newer PCs. There is no alternate "bios" you can install. You can however find a utility that makes the startup...
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    Font Book trouble

    Ideally, you want to respect the font folder organization of OS X: /System/Library/Fonts is for OS specific resources /Library/Fonts is for shared application font resources, as well as fonts for all users on the machine /Users/username/Library/Fonts is for fonts licensed and/or accessible by a...
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    ZZZZzzzzzzzz Not going to Sleep.

    Weird. In a kajillion macs (I've been support, and an administrator for a few large-ish organizations) I've only ever seen insomnia in machines with unsupported PCI cards, or funky USB devices. If the product linked by jbarley works for you though,..
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    How to remove disk volumes??
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    Font Book trouble

    Have you given any consideration to using a third party font management app? Lots of folks like the Linotype FontExplorer product, which to the best of my recollection, is free...
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    ZZZZzzzzzzzz Not going to Sleep.

    I'm going to guess it's a third party issue. Either the Application enhancer, or drivers for one or more add-on device... Check with the vendors of your add-ons (software or hardware) to see if there isn't an update or patch that addresses the problem. While those external devices may have...
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    Compatibility between Office 2004 and 2003

    There is probably on-line Microsoft Office help to guide you through the process of setting up default fonts on new documents. It won't however prevent you from have to look through the list of available fonts on the system if you want to choose a different font. Get to know what the style...
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    Is lippcap compatible with Mac OS X ??

    did you mean libpcap? It should be, but it is not installed by default (at least it's not in the "usual" locations...)
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    Compatibility between Office 2004 and 2003

    Are you sending the documents from Entourage? There is a bug in Entourage, by which the first attachment in a sent message is mangled. I don't recall if this is applicable to all Entourage users, but it is a reported bug. Also, if you are sending to PC users, you may want to set the font in...
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    All Preferences Mysteriously Vanished

    yup. Yer gonna wanna make sure "require password to wake from sleep" is enabled in the security tab. Then set the lower left corner of the display to be the "sleep now" corner (set it in the Screensaver preference pane). When you leave your machine, move the cursor to the lower left...
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    All Preferences Mysteriously Vanished

    Oooo. That folder called "." is a bad sign. In unix, "." is a pointer to the current folder. If it's in your home folder, and you don't have access, then that may be why some of your prefs are not accessible. launch the /Utilities/ and type the following: ls -al ~/ Post the...
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    All Preferences Mysteriously Vanished

    Oooo. That folder called "." is a bad sign. In unix, "." is a pointer to the current folder. If it's in your home folder, then that may be why some of your prefs are not accessible. launch the /Utilities/ and type the following: ls -al ~/ Post the results here.
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    What will happen when I update to Leopard?

    I've almost never had any problems with doing Upgrade installs of new major versions of OS X. The one time I did have an issue, I was able to resolve it with an Archive Install. I guess it depends on what types of work you do, and how many third party add-ons you install. It's usually...
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    Problem on Menu Bar

    How much free space do you have on the hard drive? If it's over 2 gig, then I'd suspect corrupted preference files. If deleting the appropriate preference files and restarting doesn't resolve it, then (and maybe even if it did resolve it) I'd suspect drive corruption. Preference files to check...
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    Creating VPN.

    if they are on separate provider networks, then you will need to "port forward" on the receiving machine's router. The router/s you have may already support inbound VPN connections, but you will need to check with the respective router vendors to find out. As far as VPN, there needs to be an...
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    Eject Button Delay Fix

    Well, there is this: