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    Anybody know of something that will play a single .wav file, then immediately exit?

    I have a "startup sound" script on my Mac, that plays any one of a rotating series of .wav files, exactly once, when I sign on to my Mac. When I got started on this, I quickly found out that if I allow iTunes to play a sound file, it immediately imports it into the playlist (NOT desired...
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    Applescript droplet works fine on one machine, does nothing on another.

    This droplet (with a "display dialog" added for debugging purposes) works just fine on my new Mac Mini, but does nothing on my colleague's MacBook Pro, other than maybe make the dock quiver slightly (it doesn't even show the dialog!): on open foo repeat with bar in foo set {tid...
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    Keeping an AppleScript that launches a Java app from waiting for it to complete?

    In an end-run around a problem described in another thread, . . . I have an AppleScript droplet that launches a Java application (which expects a fully-qualified pathname as its parameter) with a "do shell script": on open foo repeat with bar in foo <code that massages...
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    How do I set up files of a specified extension to open in a Java application?

    We have an internally developed Java application ("emulator.jar"), an IBM 5250 terminal emulator Telnet client, that saves its parameters in a file with an extension of ".5250" for unsecured sessions, or ".5250s" for secured ones. It's designed to be launched by double-clicking on such a...