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  1. simX

    FS - Vintage Macintosh Plus w/1 MB RAM and Mac team signatures on inside

    I have two Macintosh Pluses for sale. One is in good condition and starts up fine. The other does not start up (there's a little click when you try to turn it on). While these aren't the very first Macs, they still have the signatures of all of the people on the original Macintosh team on the...
  2. simX

    Beta Testers needed for TLAF apps (RipIt, iRip, Tagalicious, Ringtones)

    Hey all, The Little App Factory is looking for beta testers for all of its products! If you're a freak about your music collection and like to keep it clean and up-to-date with all the tags, artwork, and lyrics you can find, please help beta test Tagalicious! Tagalicious scans and...
  3. simX

    Stickies problems

  4. simX

    OMG this is SOOO funny!!

  5. simX

    FS: Two iPod 1G/2G internal batteries (not necessary to purchase both)

    I've got two iPod batteries for sale -- both will only fit the 1G or 2G iPods. One is completely brand new that was bought as a replacement for my dead iPod. The other was the original battery in my dead 5 GB iPod that still got about 5 hours of charge before my iPod died. Since I have no...
  6. simX

    WTB: Working iPod 1G or 2G

    My iPod 5 GB (1G) recently died on me, and so I'm looking to buy a 1st gen or 2nd gen iPod. I'd actually prefer a 1st gen iPod with the real scroll wheel (i.e.: not the touch wheel). Hard drive size is of no importance -- 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB. If you do have a 3rd gen iPod you want to sell, I'd...
  7. simX

    Problem with enabling/disabling root user

    Before anyone says anything, yes, I am entirely aware of the risks of enabling the root user, and that's why I intended to disable it after I was finished working with it. (Unfortunately, the only easy way to set the keyboard layout of the login window is to enable root user, change the...
  8. simX

    Port used for Internet Sharing?

    Does anybody know what ports are used for Internet Sharing on Mac OS X? I have my iMac sharing it's ethernet connection via AirPort to my PowerBook, but if I the firewall is activated on the iMac, Internet Sharing doesn't work. I have to disable the firewall in order for it to work. I found...
  9. simX

    Reviving a dead iPod

    So the other day when I connected my iPod to my iMac, the thing stalled on the Apple logo screen and wouldn't get any farther. After that, even when I reset the iPod, it would either give a low battery signal, or it would simply stall at the Apple logo. I figured it might be a battery problem...
  10. simX

    Return from Hiatus

    So.... ... what's happened here at this place during the 2 years that I stopped posting? Anything that's worth coming back for?
  11. simX

    Ugh! Please tell me this isn't ever going to happen!

    Yes, I know it's published by SpyMac, but it's still something very serious:
  12. simX

    For all of you who switched to Hotmail after steaming over .Mac I dunno about you, but I'd rather have .Mac for $4.17 a month than a crappy web e-mail interface that deletes your messages once they are 30 days old. :rolleyes:
  13. simX

    Communicating between perl and FORTRAN.

    Does anybody know of a way to transfer data between a perl program and a FORTRAN program? I have a FORTRAN subroutine that I want to call from a perl program, but I don't know exactly HOW to do that. The FORTRAN program is on a VMS machine (old, yes I know :p ). Any help would be...
  14. simX

    The Question-Question Thread

    This thread is supposed to mimick the Question-Answer thread that died a while ago. Basically, I'm going to start out with a question, and every subsequent poster has to respond to the previous question with another question. For example, if I post the question "Who is the most insane...
  15. simX

    UNIX command line tool "softwareupdate" works!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I tried out the command line tool "softwareupdate" to download and install the Disc Recording Update 1.0 that appeared in Software Update today. Basically you just type "softwareupdate" to get a list of available updates based on your system and what...
  16. simX

    QuickTime Streaming Server 4.1 to debut soon?

    Take a look at one of Apple's press releases about the amount of people who viewed the MPEG4 stream of the MWNY keynote: lists QuickTime Streaming Server at version 4.0. What gives?