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  1. chevy

    Apple 2019 iMac BTO Pricing Messed Up?

    Same thing applies when you buy a car... the bundle that you use as a starting point influences the final price/feature point.
  2. chevy

    Drving On Left Side Of The Road

    I drive on the right side (Switzerland) but having been in several places driving on the left side (Hong-Kong, Japan, UK), I can confirm that the logic is easier on the left side. In particular driving on the left side and having priority when coming from the right, this makes perfect sense in...
  3. chevy

    New Printer/scanner Time, Again

    My preference goes to Canon inkjet printers for nearly 10 years now, and Epson scanners.
  4. chevy

    Are you on the developers video that Apple presented tonight ?

    Are you on the developers video that Apple presented tonight ?
  5. chevy

    That New Macbook 12"

    Hello Fryke, I am always surprised when I read comments from a writer who _likes_ to write on a small screen, in particular on a screen that has very limited height. When I write, I need to look at series of lines. That's why quite often I end up taking several pages of A4 paper from my drawer...
  6. chevy

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    I like the new site design. Fast and clean. Elegant.
  7. chevy

    The new Mac Pro & OS X 10.9

    It is my GREAT pleasure to see this new Mac Pro and to read about the actual performance of the new MacBook Air. They did it again ! Can't wait for the next gen mini to replace my aging iMac 2006.
  8. chevy

    Airport Help Needed

    This is what I mean for ASCII or HEX:
  9. chevy

    Airport Help Needed

    On my old G4 iMac, I had to enter the WEP key in hexadecimal. For some reason the ASCII encryption was not done the same way on the Mac and on the router.
  10. chevy

    safari window frame

    1) reboot. 2) if necessary re-apply the latest combo upgrade for your system.
  11. chevy

    MacBook Pro won't boot up help.....

    Try a safe boot.
  12. chevy

    I deleted a quicktime.frameworks file now Spotlight and Finder won't load

    Instead of bringing your heavy Mac to Apple Store, you may want to buy a cheap DVD drive and replace your defective drive. Then you'll be able to re-install.
  13. chevy

    Add/Delete Start up Applications

    Go to System Preferences (from the Apple menu or from the dock), then select Users&Groups, then click Login Items. There you can stop stop auto-start applications. Then go to System Preferences (from the Apple menu or from the dock), then select General and Turn on "Close Windows when quitting...
  14. chevy

    Mac OS X "Mountain Lion"

    I think is will have a simplified name (like iPad who lost his number). So next version will be "OS". As it will have no mouse, I cannot give it to my cat, so I may give it to my dog (French speaking joke: os = bone).
  15. chevy

    Can't log in due to wrong input language

    You may try this
  16. chevy

    Are you going to buy the next-generation iPad 3?

    The new AppleTV will be for me.
  17. chevy

    Who's the oldest

    I lived only 50% of my life.... still a nice long way to go... and to improve !
  18. chevy

    CC Cleaner for tiger os x (mac newbie)

    CCleaner exists for Mac too.
  19. chevy

    error code 36

    You can transfer group of files (not folders). When it hangs on a file, just move the others and keep that file for later. Do not forget to erase moved files and empty the trash. It will free space on your drive a simplify the process.
  20. chevy

    error code 36

    Yes, you can apply Disk Utility on external drives. But its functionality is reduced if the external drive is FAT32.