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  1. chevy

    Will VMWare support 10.6 virtualization ?

    Apparently, Apple will change its rule and will allow virtualization of Mac OS X client virtualization of Mac OS X client. Will VMWare suport this virtualization ? This will be important as Rosetta is removed from Lion.
  2. chevy

    VMware vs Parallels vs VirtualBox

    Which one is best, or better, what are the advantages and drawbacks of each one ?
  3. chevy

    Issue with AppleTV 3.0

    I just upgraded and since then I cannot play trailers anymore. "File not recognized". Does anybody have a idea for that ?
  4. chevy

    Searching useless preferences/caches

    I am looking for all preferences and caches that are not linked to the applications I have installed on my Mac, I want to erase all that unnecessary crap. Is there any tool to help me for that purpose ? I tried Spring Cleaning, but it doesn't have this feature. Any hint ?
  5. chevy

    Creative thread: What can I do with a Mac mini Server ?

    The purpose of the thread is to find a good usage for a Mac mini that has no optical drive but comes with Mac OS X Server edition.
  6. chevy

    Moving the users folder to another disk

    I've read recently that I can move my user's folder (or the folder of any user) to another disk with just a right click on the User's tab in the Account part of the System preferences. Did anyone try this procedure before ? Is it reliable ? I plan to continue to back-up the data with Time...
  7. chevy

    Why this new keyboard ?

    The new keyboard is the same price as the old one, but just smaller, why ??? Apple plans an event on March 24th, why ??? Did Apple prepare the successor of the mouse ? which will make the keypad redoundant ?
  8. chevy

    Happy new year - no Zune today

    Microsoft decided that the Zune was so ugly it should not survive 2008. Therefore it was decided to shut down this "thing". Zune shutdown on engadget
  9. chevy

    MacWorld 2009 predictions

    The poll on one question: will there be a "one more thing" when Steve is not present ? For the rest here is my prediction: iLife '09 with the addition of iGame to make your own simple games et export to iPhoen and iPod touch iWork '09 with the addition of a database and much better...
  10. chevy


    Does anybody know what this error is ? kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork:302
  11. chevy

    New $5 movies on iTMS

    Nice to see that the iTMS becomes really competitive for movies too ! This week: Terminator 2, Total Recall and Basic Instinct.
  12. chevy

    Finder remains in background

    I have a strange effect that I cannot revert. The Finder is not active when I start the machine and its menu does not come when I click the background.
  13. chevy

    digital out and built-in speaker

    I have a digital link from my iMac to my home cinema. When I watch a movie, I use the home cinema... but when I just surf the Internet I'd like to have the sound directly on the built-in speakers. Now I have to plug the cable in/out to disable/enable the internal speakers. Can any software...
  14. chevy

    Unify sent mailboxes on .mac using Mail

    I have a .mac account and I use Apple Mail. Several "Sent" mailboxes have been created (see image attached), one when I sent from my Mac, one when I send from the webmail and an old one in French ("Eléments envoyés"). I want all three to become one. How do I do that ?
  15. chevy

    For 2008, I wish that Apple...

    adds a hierarchy to the Events in iPhoto (and in the photo browser in Mail, and iApps) accelerates Leopard start-up makes possible to start my mac with my iPod 5G connected (I always forget to unconnect it) starts an ultra-portable series
  16. chevy

    Sonic on iPod

    The iPod is slowly becoming a competitor to the small Nintendo machines with new games Sonic, Mahjong, Brain games....
  17. chevy

    Problem with iSight after upgrading from 10.4 to 10.5.1

    The embedded iSight of my iMac is not providing an image anymore when I use Skype, iChat or Photobooth on my account. I still see is it the list of USB peripherals. When I log under another user account, the image is coming for Skype, but not for iChat or Photobooth. Any idea what can be...
  18. chevy

    Provider-free iPhone now available... Germany. See full report in For the non-German speaking, you pay your iPhone €999.- and have it freed from any SIM-lock through iTMS in 24 hours. Of course, you only reach the services that your provider...
  19. chevy

    Next MacWorld Agenda

    Let's create the agenda of the 2008 MacWorld 1) Numbers: 2M iPhone sold, 10% market share for MacOS in homes, 10M Leopard sold, iLife'08, iWork'08... 2) iTunes selling movies worldwide, signed agreement with X, Y, Z, AppleTV reworked, new screens, AppleTV interactive games with Bluetooth game...
  20. chevy

    My iMac cannot sleep anymore

    This is probably for several weeks now, but I cannot put my iMac to sleep anymore. I am running System Version: Mac OS X 10.4.10 (8R2218) with all updates. Any hint ?