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    Question regarding long-term use of Time Machine

    So my question is this... I'm currently using a 60gb MacBook 1.83 w/leopard. My Time Machine volume is a 250gb USB drive. Over time I could see myself filling the drive because I listen to a lot of podcasts and since time machine is doing a backup rather than a sync, every podcast present...
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    USB Wireless adapter

    For reasons I would rather not get into, let's say that I had to stop using my built-in wireless card and had to switch to a USB adapter. Let's also say that the driver for the Asus & Hawking adapters (both re-packaged versions of the same crap) are buggy as hell and cause system panics when...
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    Taking the plunge - first real project

    I'm a professional coder on other systems, but a Mac user at home. Switched about 2 years ago and haven't looked back (tho' my MacBook Pro does still have an XP partition for usage with my GPS). Aside from the occasional command line utils or Java app, I haven't really done any real "Mac...
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    syncing iTunes directories - not working quite right on a MacBook Pro

    So, when I had my iBook, I would sync from my iMac (PPC) to my iBook and my iBook would reflect my current iMac library. I usually did this via RSYNC, with a command like: (from the iBook after mounting my home directory on my iMac) rsync -avp --delete /Volumes/chornbe/Music/ ./Music and...
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    Trouble with mount/mount_nfs?

    Over the last two weeks or so... I believe this coincides with recent updates... I can no longer mount my SimpleShare network attached device. Does anyone know if the recent OS updates have broken mount or mount_nfs ? My command would normally look like: /sbin/mount_nfs -P...
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    You crazy Mac cult members!!

    Just wanted to let you all know I've completely bought in. I'm completely and wholly PC-free and since last year, I've gotten rid of two servers, two desktops and one laptop, and replaced it all with two iMacs, one iBook and a network attached storage device. You sly bastards, luring me in...
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    Restricting/limiting logons

    I have a question regarding logins. Are there any account management addons that will let me limit the duration of the logons, and set valid logon times for my kids' accounts? Someone pointed me to a Unix utility to do it, but it relies on Unix domains; not really applicable for a single...
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    Vector graphics

    Hi all. I'm looking for a decent vector graphics program akin to CorelDraw for the PC. Anyone have some suggestions? Thanks.
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    ya'll gotta relax

    OS/x won't run Windows apps. Windows won't run Mac apps. Just lighten up and enjoy the evolution. It's a good thing, this Intel thing. Honest.
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    Any motorcyclists in the house?

    I'm planning on doing a solo coast-to-coast ride in June, head out of philly area, take a northern route west to perhaps Seattle, then wander south, over to Tombstone (my only "must see" waypoint), then meander east from there. I have no set time line, no set stopping points and am just going...
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    iBook power adapters

    Any 3rd party suppliers of power adapters that will work with the newest iBook models? I'd like to have a few extra power supplies laying around (for days like today when dummy-me forgot to bring one to work with me). Or am I forced to use the $99 apple ones? Thanks.
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    Silly question (NNTP)

    This might be a silly question, but what Mac software do I use to view Usenet groups? Thanks.
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    Help me out w/network printing question?

    I've tried a couple of the low-end ethernet/wireless print servers. They... uhm... left a bit to be desired. Some would work fine with a wired solution, some would work ok with a wireless solution only if printed to from Windows. Some would work fine right up until the apple printed to it. I...
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    Bluetooth headphones for iPod

    So, I had decided to get a Shuffle. Went to the store to get one and saw that the iPod minis were dropped to $179 (I thought they were $199), so I snagged one. Now then... what are my wireless headphone options?
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    A project you might find interesting... and reusable?

    First, a little history. I'm in my late 30s (why does that sound older than the actual age??) and have been out of touch with many of my siblings for the past 7 o 8 years. Long story. Anyway, both of my parents are now dead and I realized that if I had so few pictures of my childhood and such...
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    Got myself a new iBook

    I went and purchased a new iBook/G4 this past January mostly to satisfy my own curiosity. You see, by trade I'm a developer and I work mostly in C#, but also with a lot of Java and Python. I have several computers at home, including a Dual Boot Win2k/Fedora-3 Dell P4, a P3 linux server and a P3...