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    Apple Expo Paris... speed bumps?

    Seems pretty obvious to be a staging ground for whatever iTunes/iPod merchandise and software... but does anybody feel we'll see a few hardware speed-bumps? Was thinking we could possibly see dual core chips begin to show up in powermacs... anyone think they'll be anything for the iMac...
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    BTO iMacs at the Apple Store

    The BTO options on the iMac are not too complicated... can you get a BTO configuration at a walk-in apple store? Do those stores honor the edu discount?
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    copy protected cd's?

    Anyone have experience with the newer copy-protected cd's... I've noticed newer cd's are starting to employ copy protection... i'm wondering if i'll have to stop buying cd's. I still buy cd's to give me the flexibility to choose my bit-rate encoding... including apple lossless when...
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    Security Update 2005-006

    Has anybody had any system troubles after installing the latest update? Could just be a coincidence... but after doing so.. my mac won't recognize my external HD or any media inserted into the drive... so too late for Disk Warrior... i'm running 10.3.9 I'll most likely have to do a clean...
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    Best OS for an old eMac... Jaguar? Panther?

    Hi guys... About 2+ years ago I bought my mother an eMac for Christmas... 700 mHz G4 w/ Combo Drive... currently 756 MB Ram I was wondering what Os would best fit this system efficiently... The unit came with Jaguar... and although Panther and Tiger are superior.. I realize there is a...