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    Connecting to Airport

    In my flat we recently got an airport that we all use to connect to broadband. Before this i was using wireless internet from using a modem they supply for their service. I was wondering if i can use this modem as a substitute for an airport card somehow?
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    Print - Cant Fix Paper Jam

    I have a HP PSC 1210 All-in-One. A few months ago i got some paper stuck in it, I pulled all the paper out but the printer refuses to appect that theres no paper jam. I have tryed everything i can im sure but I cant talk to printer into beleive theres no paper in it. Anyone got any ideas?
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    My Apple Consumer rights

    Last firday i sent my 1G 12 inch PowerBook into the shop to get fixed (when ever it 'thinks' to much it freezes up, so i cant use photoshop (im a designer). Someone on these forums commented that it may be a memory problem Anyway, when i brought this PBook a little under a year ago there was...
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    Sick Powerbook

    I have a powerbook running panther and it has run fine up until the other day when i was using photoshop. Everything locked up and i had to shut my pbook down with the power switch, the same thing happened again and then my pbook wouldnt load past the grey apple loading page. I left it over...
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    epson stylus cx1500

    Is there anyway to get a epson stylus cx1500 working on my powerbook running panther. There doesnt seem to be any drivers around that i know of. Any ideas or help greatly appreciated
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    Panther pBook and HP 1200 PSC

    I have a G4 powerbook with OSX panther and all of a sudden it doesnt seem to be able to connect to my printer. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
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    Mac running slow

    Hey i have a powerbook G4 running panther and it has been running pretty fine until just lately it has been running really slow and taking along time to proccess things. I just recently created a 2nd user that is frequently used and sometimes i play music from one account while im in the...
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    QuickTime Codec's

    I have been trying all day to get quicktime (not pro) to play avi's, i downloaded some codec's for QT but i cant figure out how to install them, from what i have heard you put them in the library/quicktime directory but i have no quicktime file in my library. Can anyone help me out? And is...
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    The Corporation

    I watched the documentary "The Corporation" the other night, what a frightening film that is and it got me wondering, How far up the ladder of evil corporations in apple? And did anyone see that bit about IBM's involvement with the nazi's in the world war. I didnt even have any idea IBM would...
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    start up programs

    Whenever i start up classic MSN messenger and Stickies also open, how can i stop classic from running these programs at start up?
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    photshop colours

    I am having some problems with colours in photoshop CS on my G4 powerbook 12' Some colours turn out grey no matter what i do but in the preview box it shows them as the right colour. How can i fix this?
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    Sound output

    I have connected two sterio speakers upto computer wires so i can plug them into my mac but it has very limited volume, Is there a way to turn up the sound output on a powerbook running panther further than iTunes and panther software allows you? thanks
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    spedding up safari

    I have an a wireless internet connection thats about 5-10kbps and everyone that used my 12' powerbook always whine about how slow my internet is compared to other 56k (3kps connection), is there anyway to delete some sort of 'temporary internet files' or anything to speed up my safari.
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    battery exchange

    I was just getting around to sign up for apple's battery exchange for 12' ibooks, powerbooks and 15' power books then i realised my battery model was AI060 and not AI061 like all the other 12' powerbooks. Whats up with that? mine looks the same as a '61, whats the difference between the two...
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    my mac goes back in time

    This is really strange, whenever i restart my mobile computer it seems my computer goes back in time a little bit, just an example, the 2nd to last time i restarted my computer by dock changed to its standard size when you first get your computer and it had no enlarging, the last time i...