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    Sticky Mouse on Screensaver Awakening

    I use a trackpad on a new powerbook. When I deactivate the screensaver, through moving my mouse or a keypad touch, the mouse wont move. I'll move my finger all over the trackpad, but the mouse is stuck. Sometimes it unsticks after 15-20 seconds, or sometimes I have to toggle the dashboard or...
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    Incurable Kernal Panic and Clean Install/Restore Questions

    I have kernal panics that seem to revovle around Safari and Mail. They only happen under my user name, which just happens to be the admin. I followed the FAQ, nothing helped. So unless someone has a drastic idea, I thnk I'm probably going to clean install. I don want to, but I will if I must...
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    Screen wont sleep

    Simple as that. Computer will sleep, and screen will turn off when it does, but my screen wont sleep on its own.
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    More Problems with Safari

    I have many taps open. Like 10. And when I leave Safari open for like a week then try to close it, I get the spinning beachball of death eternall, and I have to force quit it. So, I tried an experiment, closing one tab at a time. Each tab took atleast 30 seconds if not more to close. I tried...
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    Safari freezes when I try to close it

    After I leave safari on for a few days, and I try to quit it, it freezes and I have to forcequit. But only if I leave it on for an extended period of time. What gives?
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    Cleaning Safari Cache causes a freeze (and two other questions)

    Whenever I try to clean my safari cache, it always causes it to freeze and I have to forcequit. Its really annoying and I dont know whats doing it. Also, second unrelated question. After I restarted, process mdimport was taking up almost all the CPU. That's Spotlight indexing, right? Why...
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    What's an Alias?

    Very simple question. What is it? Also, what does "create archive" do? And why would making an alias be superior to duplicating it?
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    5 hour battery life? What a joke!

    This battery on this new powerbook is pretty new. It's been calibrated. It's on 10.4.1. But even when I put settings on maximum battery life and turn off both airport and bluetooth, I only get about 3.5 hour battery life? Yet, apple advertises 5 hours. I want my hour and a half back!
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    Same Site Always Crashes Safari

    The same site keeps crashing Safari, always at random intervals. I dont know why. I just siddenly get the beachball, and have to forcequit. Is there a way to see what is actually causing the problem?
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    Picking Photos Off a Camera with iPhoto

    When I plug my digital camera in, it opens iPhoto and asks me if I want to import all my photos. I dont want to do that. I want to pick and choose. Is this possible?
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    Keeps Charging Even When Full

    My powerbook is weird. Sometimes, when I charge my laptop, it goes to 99% and keeps charging for a while, not reaching 100%. I unplug it and plug it back in, but it goes to brown (charging) again. It takes a restart to fix it. What is causing this?
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    Weather Widget

    macosxhints has a hint on how to make the weather widget always update. but when I tried to save it, it said its read only, and I dont know how to make it not read only. I couldnt do it through 'get info' here's the hint: Normally, Tiger's weather widget only updates when the widget screen...
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    iLife on a clean install

    Simple question. I think I may do a clean install of tiger after all once .1 comes out. But then I'll lose iLife, wont I? Any way to fix that? And unrelated: why does everybody keep saying to clone your hd on a backup hd. Not everybody has one just lying around.
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    Cant live without it?

    What are the shareware, freeware, utilities, applescripts, or whatever else that people have come across over time that they just cant live without. For example, some might say cocktail, and others might say launchbar. A list like this would be useful for Mac newbies... such as myself.
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    VShieldCore hogging CPU

    This process is taking between 50 and 75 percent of my CPU. I believe its related to Virex. What is it really, why is it taking up so much cpu, how can I bring it down, and what would happen if I killed it?
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    Upgrade vs Archive Install

    Simple question: what is the difference? Bonus question: which should I do when I get Tiger?
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    Power Draining Stupidly Fast

    With no programs open, bluetooth disabled (airport is still on), and screen brightness at only 50%, my battery still says it loosing about 1% of its battery life every minute. A powerbook doing nothing but being on with a battery life of under 2 hours? That's not right. I've already tried...
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    EMERGENCY ISSUE: Cannot use keyboard

    I cannot type anything. Nothing at all. I sometimes get the error TSMProcessRawKeyCode failed. I tried booting from the cd, but I dont want to have to reinstall the entire OS. Can someone tell me what to do?
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    New in Safari 2.0?

    Unless I'm mistaken, Tiger come with Safari 2.0. Besides that RSS thing, what other new features come with it? Hopefully "find as you type" and keyword searches. Then I wont need Saft.
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    Saft vs AcidSearch

    Both are plugins for Safari. Both provide "find as you type" searching and keyword shortcut searching. Both cause many problems with Safari. Which is less damaging?