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    ibook clamshell only wants to sleep, HELP?

    Not stupid at all, nothing wrong with not seeing the trees for the forest ... :) About This Mac ~> More Info ~> System Profiler ~> Hardware ~> Power ~> Hardware Configuration ~> Clamshell Closed: Just for clarifications sake, you're no talking about OS 9 Classic? What OS Vers do you want to run?
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    ibook clamshell only wants to sleep, HELP?

    Are you able to launch System Profiler, jeepattack89? This might just be a long shot but, at the very bottom look to see if it says "Clamshell Closed: Yes" It is possible* that your Clammie might think it is closed when you have it open. I realise that the Cheetah install had no probs with...
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    Trouble with "Shift Focus To Menu Bar" keyboard combo

    Okay then ... Can someone please take the time out to give this a try and confirm that it is/isn't possible to reassign a new keyboard shortcut for "Shift Focus To Menubar" on the Apple Aluminium keyboard and that it's not just me who has issues with this ??? In my above post I've outlined the...
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    OpenOffice File-Send MenuItem problem

    So none of the tips at that thread worked in your scenario ...
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    OpenOffice File-Send MenuItem problem

    nealt, did you come across this thread over at the OO.o Community Forum? [Solved] Email OOo documents under Mac OSX
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    Sytstem Preference icon not working

    Navigate to your Apps folder or click Command + A in Finder to open your Apps folder. Scroll down to System Preferences and launch it. The System Prefs icon will bounce in your Dock. Click it's icon and go to "Options ~> Keep In Dock". Do the same with Excel. It should be in your Microsoft...
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    Macbook headphone jack problem

    Glad you got it sorted.
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    Headphone jack issue

    Have a read through this thread for help: Macbook Headphone Jack Problems .
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    Trouble with "Shift Focus To Menu Bar" keyboard combo

    I'm using an aluminium keyboard in conjunction with Snow Leopard. I previously used the all white apple keyboard which enabled me to shift focus to the menu bar by pressing the default keyboard combo of Ctrl + F2. I really want to stick with the more modern aluminium keyboard BUT there...
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    iPhoto on OS X 10.1?

    Just in case .... iPhoto 1.1.1 for Mac OS X 10.1.2 or later: Information and Download
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    Disk Permissions

    Great help there jbarley !!!
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    iTunes will not import some .mp3 files.

    I know this isn't the most graceful method but it works. If you have a few songs that iTunes just won't recognise, despite their prefix being .mp3, but QuickTime will happily recognise them. Open them up in QuickTime then choose "Save As" and select movie and save them to wherever you like. I...
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    Cannot open some .mp3 files in iTunes??!

    Have you tried Ctrl + clicking on the mp3 and choosing "Open With" and then choosing iTunes in the contextual menu that shows?
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    Grab--put screen shots in dashboard

    Glad it's all sorted now allieoop ;)
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    Grab--put screen shots in dashboard

    Grab prompts the user for a place to save each individual screengrab so I don't know exactly why they ended up as widgets. Try pressing the Opt key as you hover your mouse curser over one of the maps in Dashboard and see if the x appears as it does in my picture. If it does, then click the x...
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    Totally lost newby here needing help!

    First step is to pop the disc in the drive and when the disc icon shows up on your Desktop, double-click on it to open up a Finder window showing the contents of the disc. Now just click and hold on the file/s you want copied to your iMacs hard drive and drag them from the Finder window right...
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    You should regularly perform a backup of your valuable files anyway, it's up to you if you need to do this now but regarding iPhoto, you can just install it without the Installation Disc deleting anything and I suggest you do it using the 3rd party app, Pacifist. After downloading/installing...
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    Display completely black

    You have already done a fair bit of research/diagnotic work so far but I thought it may be worth it to post this link as the OP had a good outcome. I hope it helps ;) I also found out that Apple had a repair plan that finished...
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    Completely unable to download x11 (screencaps)

    Another way to go is to download/install Pacifist and use it to extract X11 from the DVD .
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    Completely unable to download x11 (screencaps)

    If you deselect iTunes from the list you *should* be then able to select X11 and proceed with the custom installation ...