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    Unable to see special file on external hard disk.

    When typing an password, the terminal does not show anything, thus people looking over your should can not see what you type (not even how long the password is). Thus just type the password and RETURN. When logged in as root, you have more access and you might see more, but as described...
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    Auto Banning people from continually trying passwords on SSH

    If you do not require SSH access from the outside world, you can set your router (if you have any) to block SSH requests, thus preventing them from even trying. Good luck Kees
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    Lost my Ethernet Printer

    Power the printer of, wait a few minutes and turn it on. Also check the IP settings in the printer network menu. Try the ping option to the printer. Good luck, Kees
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    Unable to see special file on external hard disk.

    You could try to log in as root user in the terminal and do an ls -al on the external drive. (go to terminal, enter the su command and enter the administrator password. Use /volumes/drivename to go to the drive and enter command ls -al Good luck, Kees
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    not receiving Mails / DNS settings for dynDNS

    I have no information on how you configure the domain settings. Maybe there is your problem. User accounts are made by wfw. The domain information is setup by Server Admin in the MAIL section (not the DNS section). For squirrelamil configure you execute the following program (and for...
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    not receiving Mails / DNS settings for dynDNS

    First of all, MAC OS server requires a static IP number to work fine. Secondly if the server is behind a router (and it must be if your INTERNET IP number is not static), than forward the incoming mail through the router to the server. If you want to access the mail from the internet too...
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    Weird Issue

    I am not sure, but it might be that a key on the keyboard (or mouse) is sticky and makes it behave like it does now. You might even check the universal access pane for any odd settings. Good luck, Kees
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    Printer Monitor Not Enough Memory to Print ?

    If the printer is not available in the chooser, the printer is not available to the system. The icon on the desktop is just an icon, without a printer available it will do exactly what is does now, just show and make a queue available. First make the printer available under chooser and if that...
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    Linksys WRT54G wireless router setup

    This is odd, but actually it might suggest something else. As in general ip-numbers start with 169.x.x.x when no link is available (so no ip-number can be assigned), it might be that the number printed is assigned to you by the provider in which case the router is not acting like a router...
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    Forcing Networking to only look for one, single WiFi source

    Mayba consider the following option: Allow yourself to use the wireless connection, but block the wireless connection for others and force them to use the cable. You can do this by blocking access to the network pane (i hope). Good luck, Kees
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    Mac OS X Server 10.5 Install

    No, it can be pass the validation test as i have experienced myself.
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    Linksys WRT54G wireless router setup

    Which IP-number do you use, the number for the computer or for the gateway. You must use the ip-number for the gateway (router). Please specify what you find under network. It should get its ip-number from the DHCP server (so not set to e.g. manual). In general your computers ip-number is...
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    Mac OS X Server 10.5 Install

    The only time i experienced something like that when i was using an invalid (illegal) serial number. You might try checking the tcp/ip settings as those are crucial for the system. Advisable is to have at least the ip-number for the server set static. Good luck, Kees
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    Concerned About Disk Space

    Both are real values, but they are used incorrectly (at least when using the notation GB or gb). 200gbb = what was reported as size for the drive in the old times using text based enviroments. 186gb = what is rreported when using the advanced software for formatting / partitioning the...
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    external HD will not show up

    Than most likely the drive or external casing is bad. Try to take the drive out of the casing and connect it to a computer using the IDE or SATA port on the mainboard. If that does not work (if even the drive itself is not seen), it certainly is bad and ready for replacement. Good luck, Kees
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    Not enough power?

    On a desktop system POWER is not (a big) issue as the power supply can be (relatively) huge. Good luck, Kees
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    Not enough power?

    A laptop normally does not provide to much power as it decreases UP time by a large percentage. Is the drive a laptop drive (2.5") or a regular (3.5" drive). The latter is certainly not ment to be powered from the computer itself, but from a external power supply. Good luck, Kees
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    networking with g3

    Do you have a router for internet connection. If so, check out the settings as normally routers assign ip-numbers. There is more than one way to make a working network, tcp/ip is at the moment the mainstream (99.9%). Also the netmasking is important, make them for both...
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    Wan To Lan

    That is why we should not reply by email. Also I found this question only on this form using google search, so unless he uses a different question (or emailaddress) on different forums ... Good luck, Kees
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    Wan To Lan

    This might be misleading as it suggests something which is not correct. cat 5 = for all speeds up to 100mbit (thus 10 and 100 mbit) cat 5e = for all speeds up to 125mbit (thus 10 and 100 mbit) cat 6 = for all speeds up to 1000mbit (thus 10, 100 and 1000 mbit) So buying cat-6 cable it...