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  1. riccbhard

    iPod Nano resets itself (3rd generation)

    Every time I connect my 3rd generation iPod Nano to my iMac G5 when it's battery is completely dead, it resets itself every time it starts to be detected by iTunes. Then iTunes states it cannot read the data on "iPod" (doesn't show the iPod's name) and OS X of course shows the Device Removal...
  2. riccbhard

    Signature Size?

    I came back for a visit to here after being gone for a few months, and upon going to change 10.4.6 in my signature to 10.4.9, I get a lovely message telling me the signature cannot be longer than 5 lines? What gives?
  3. riccbhard

    iMac G5 Waking from Sleep

    I put my iMac G5 to sleep every night. I leave my ceiling fan turned on, but everything else in the room turned off. When my alarm goes off in the morning, the first thing I do is get up and turn the ceiling fan off at the wall switch so I can turn on the ceiling fluorescent light (I have to...
  4. riccbhard

    Beta ads?

    What is it with these ads on the Beta site? I find these are the MOST annoying ads I've ever encountered except for Flash ads. Edit: Stupid Photobucket resized the screenshot. If you ask me I think this site was better off the way it used to be.
  5. riccbhard


    I've been trying to visit the Gallery for the last month to no avail. I get this: Any ideas?
  6. riccbhard

    PowerMac G4

  7. riccbhard

    Password Protection OS 9.2.2

    I want to password protect my Powermac G4. It's running OS 9.2.2, however the Multiple Users control panel cannot be found. What should I do? EDIT: I also went to install Netscape 7.02 on this machine and it installed and ran, but after the splash screen it just shows a blank window with...
  8. riccbhard

    HOWTO: Speed up wired internet connection

    This worked for me here with my wired connection on my iMac G5. I noticed that my PC was always running at a faster speed than my iMac, almost twice as fast using both and speedtests. The fix for me was going to System Prefrences > Network > Click Configure on...
  9. riccbhard

    Would 512MB RAM be sufficient?

    Would 512MB RAM be sufficient for OS X 10.3.9 and a 1.42Ghz PPC? (Mini)
  10. riccbhard

    SMB Printing - Canon i900D

    I'm able to connect to my Canon i900D on my HP PC over the network, now the problem is here at the Mac. I installed the drivers from Canon's site, but i900D does not show up in the model list under Canon when adding the printer. Even tried with CUPS. Any ideas what's going on here?
  11. riccbhard

    4, no 3 columns of icons

    Ok. This is bugging me. Everytime I open any finder window it always shows 3 columns of icons, but if I stretch it just a little it shows 4 columns like I want it to, but as soon as I close it and reopen it's back to 3. Any ideas on how to fix this one? (computer specs in signature)...
  12. riccbhard

    Uninstall HP Printer Drivers

    Due to problems; how do I uninstall all of the installed HP printer drivers? Thanks! :)
  13. riccbhard

    HP Deskjet 3845

    OS 10.3.9 For a friend- Installing the driver for the HP DeskJet 3845 Inkjet printer works; but the driver will not show in the Add Printer list under "Drivers > HP". It only goes to Deskjet 2500. This has worked before and after a Archive & Install of OS X it will now not work. I've heard...
  14. riccbhard

    Need help ASAP - Flasing ?/Finder icon

    This is the 2nd time this is happened to me. OS X 10.3.7 - Now when pushing the power button I get the flashing ? mark/finder icon. I've: • Reset PRAM • Tried unplugging it and leaving it unplugged over night (worked last time). There is still the OS X Install CD in it from the last time I...
  15. riccbhard

    Powermac G4 -- Ugrade Questions

    My friend has a Powermac G4 Sawtooth with OS 9.2.2 and 500-something MB of RAM. We bought a copy of OS X (10.4) to install on it and I had a few questions first: • Do I have to upgrade anything like the Firmware before installing OS X? • Do I need to do anything to the HD before installing OS...
  16. riccbhard

    Archive & Install and now a Safari Problem

    So today I just did a Archive & Install of OS X because it was really slowing down. It's still at 10.3.7 (havent upgraded to 10.3.9 since Archive & Install). But I'm having issues with Safari. When I start it; it will bounce about 2 times and then the arrow appears under it in the Dock; however...
  17. riccbhard

    Unknown User "Firebird SQL Database"

    I see a user called "Firebird SQL Database" in my quick user change and System Prefrences > Accounts; but not in the Login Screen. Any ideas what this is? Thanks in Advance! :)
  18. riccbhard

    Printer Help Please

    I'm trying to use CUPS (localhost:631) to connect to a shared printer; that is connected to the server. The name of the server is "serv" and the printer is shared as "PRNT". The server runs Win2k Pro. When I open CUPS and create a new printer, to connect to smb://serv/prnt it asks for the...
  19. riccbhard


    I just accidently bumped the spacebar and Safari scrolled down. I thought "Hmm... I wonder what happens if I press Shift+Spacebar". And sure enough it scrolled up :). Looks like I discovered another thing in Mac, like before I found that you can hold the Apple key and move the Apple default...