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  1. riccbhard

    iPod Nano resets itself (3rd generation)

    I've tried putting it into disk mode and restoring it, but it still wasn't detected. And no, I don't have a charger since Apple thought it would be a good idea to not ship them with chargers.
  2. riccbhard

    iPod Nano resets itself (3rd generation)

    Every time I connect my 3rd generation iPod Nano to my iMac G5 when it's battery is completely dead, it resets itself every time it starts to be detected by iTunes. Then iTunes states it cannot read the data on "iPod" (doesn't show the iPod's name) and OS X of course shows the Device Removal...
  3. riccbhard

    powerbook fans contantly on–the noise is driving me crazy!

    If the air vents become clogged with dust and dirt, it will cause the fans to run at a faster speed than normal in an attempt to keep the temperature down. You might want to try cleaning it. Edit: 666th Post
  4. riccbhard

    PHP 5, and Exec.

    I did try using the Terminal to copy the "nowplaying" script to /bin (from Desktop, where I made the script): sudo cp nowplaying /bin I can then run "nowplaying" in the Terminal, from any location to get the result. I am not sure if PHP also works in this manner? I'm going to try entering...
  5. riccbhard

    PHP 5, and Exec.

    I've coded a little bit of PHP before. I have the latest version of the PHP Installer that you linked to installed (Version 5.2.2). I have not changed anything in httpd.conf. After creating the nowplaying script, I copied it to /bin so it can be run directly from the Terminal like any other...
  6. riccbhard

    "Curtain" slides down and then OS crashes

    What you're experiencing is known as a Kernel Panic, and is, in my opinion, the worst error that can occur. If you are finding any disk errors, you should restart your Mac and boot with the Install disc, by inserting it before rebooting, then pressing C after the startup chime. Choose "Disk...
  7. riccbhard

    Lost alot of space on HD

    The only thing I've seen that eats up disk space like this before is logs. Go to Applications > Utilities > Console Check to see if any of the Logs are of abnormal size, or repeat the same error over and over again. Especially the system log.
  8. riccbhard

    Renaming "The Cafe"

    I vote for Bob's Place
  9. riccbhard

    The Curse of the Never-Closing iTunes

    Other programs such as Poisoned can also keep iTunes open. I did have this issue once before, and, oddly enough, deleting iTune's preferences fixed the problem. :confused:
  10. riccbhard

    No screen/CRT illumination on Sage G3

    I had this same problem with my old B&W G3, resetting the CUDA as stated above fixed all of my problems.
  11. riccbhard

    My Mac Keeps on Freezing

    The high pitched squeal is usually caused by (from my experience) something in a power-supply related circuit. Usually this high pitched squeal is caused by a high-voltage, high-frequency current flow. You can hear this same noise when CRT Television or monitor is turned on. Some people cannot...
  12. riccbhard

    G4 OSX Microphone problems

    If the microphone is plugged into the correct port, you should not be hearing it through the speakers. That is normal, you can tell if it's working, however, by going to System Preferences and then Sound, and click the Input tab. In Skype, you must first Log In, and then go to Skype >...
  13. riccbhard

    Love of Firefox vs. Safari

    I don't use either. I prefer Camino, my favorite browser ;)
  14. riccbhard

    safari quicktime plugin?

    Have you tried using a browser other than Safari? Such as Camino or Firefox.
  15. riccbhard

    Hangs on Sleep

    I noticed you mentioned a scanner. Do you perhaps have a program that listens for the function buttons on the scanner (if it has them) that runs all the time? You may want to check your Startup Items in System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items
  16. riccbhard

    Screen dimming/buzzing help!

    From reading some of the posts here search for "buzzing" It seems to me that this is some problem with the iMac Core 2 that Apple can fix.
  17. riccbhard

    setting up web cam

    What brand/model webcam did you buy?
  18. riccbhard

    iphoto on new MacBook is not recognizing camera

    I'm not sure as to why iPhoto is not recognizing the camera, however, Kodak does offer their EasyShare software for free.
  19. riccbhard

    Screen dimming/buzzing help!

    What kind of Mac is this? And what type of monitor does it have (CRT/LCD)? (If it's buzzing, I'm guessing it's CRT, but that does not necessarily mean that it is)
  20. riccbhard

    Unusually Slow Internet Connection...

    The speedtest results seem fast, faster than my connection, on the upload. (4500 Down, 384 Up is mine) , if the internet is seeming slower than that on the Mac, you may want to try a wired connection just to see what happens. I have had problems with wireless before where it slows down beyond...