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    When the Beta expires, will people be hosed?

    Is it really going to expire? Has anyone tried to set the date to June 2001 and reboot? :-) I think it will continue too run, but I haven't tried yet. Maybe the Software upgrader will destroy the Public Beta on May 2001.
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    MacOS X Sucks

    Get lost you and you pussy metal box piece of shit PC. By the way you should get a life; Unix and MacOS was here way before that Winshit and will be here way after it too, simply because it is better. And Billy G. Jurk will have to accept it and join the UNIX community or the Unix will get ride...
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    MacOS X GUI / WindowManager / etc

    ---- I agree. But I forgot something, it would also be nice to have oracle 8i ported to MacOS X and LinuxPPC. :)
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    MacOS X GUI / WindowManager / etc

    I think apple should give us a choice of different WindowManager, because this Aqua looks nice of a weekk, but is kind of a toy. I rather have something that looks like the Quicktime Player ( Brushed Metal Style )or NextStep or even like MacOS X Server. And this Classic is a joke, what the...