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    Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

    I am trying to connect to a windows 2019 web server from a Mac running 10.14.6 using Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.3.10 (1783). The second it connects to the server, the window disappears. Previously it worked. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thank you.
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    Best Browsers For 10.5.8?

    I really hate having to buy new macs every few years. Between the machines and the software it is a big investment and a whole lot of time setting things up and learning how to use it. I usually keep my macs as long as I can. My only problem now is the browsers. Firefox, Chrome and Safari...
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    Need help setting a wirelss printer to connect with my Mac

    My son has a 10.6.8 iMac and an HP Envy 5530 wireless printer and he can't connect. HP says there is 3 ways to connect: 1) Wireless direct between computer and printer 2) Through a wireless router 3) Through USB cable At his location, he does not won the wireless router and therefore...
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    Modifying Accounts in Mac MAIL - how to get them in alphabetical order?

    I have lots of mail accounts, over 30 of them. When I want to send a message it is a pain to select the correct email address for the From field. Is there a way I can sort them in alphabetical order? Using Terminal perhaps? I have the same problem with the SMTP server list.
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    reminder software that reminds you by email

    Does anyone know of a good software for Mac that sends email reminders on a certain date. I have to constant remind myself to do things. It would be nice if the software had functions such as monthly reminders. For example, send me an email every month on the 25th to do something. Or to...
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    Hooking-up a full-sized keyboard to an iPhone

    Can someone recommend a good full-sized keyboard to hook up to an iPhone? What would really be good is if I can hook up the iPhone to my iMac and see it on the screen too. I sit in front of a Mac all day at work and all night at home. I hate cellphones - or anything that is not full-sized...
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    How can I reinstall MAIL without reinstalling everything?

    Have have OS 10.5.8. I am having numerous problems with MAIL. I think it is time to reinstall MAIL. How do I reinstall just MAIL? Also, are there files I need to take out of certain folders so my data does not get lost? Like p.lists and stuff?
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    Firefox seems to ignore passwords in Keychain Access

    Doesn't Firefox pay attention to Keychain Access? Or, are passwords stored elsewhere in Firefox?
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    I am using version 10.0.2. Does Firefox have a keychain for form passwords? I would like to access it and edit one of the passwords. There is a checkbox in preferences to "Remember passwords for sites." But that does not help me edit one or more of them. Can't seem to find the keychain...
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    How doI get rid of tabs in Firefox?

    I have Firefox 8.0.1 running on 10.5.8. I hate tabs and want to get rid of them. Is there a setting to do so? I know there is a setting to display them on top or bottom but want to get rid of them altogether. If there is no setting, can someone tell me how to do it in Terminal? Happy Holidays
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    Buying a Mac and Adobe software - need advice

    I want to buy a Mac and some Adobe software for my son who is studying web design. Did Adobe make it impossible to buy Fireworks without buying a suite? While I appreciate that they offer software bundled into a suite, which reduces the total cost, I don't like they way they force you to buy...
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    How can I get rid of favicon in Firefox toolbar?

    I have a lot of bookmarks in my toolbar and the favicons take up a lot of space. I want to get rid of them so that I have room for more bookmarks. How can I get Firefox to not display them?
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    Recording Music

    I am by far behind the rest of the world when it comes to doing stuff with audio. I have a CD for which I would like to take a small sampling of each song and create a new CD. Sort of like a movie trailer which only shows a few scenes. I do not even know where to begin. Is there software...
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    Want to adjust loudness of start-up guitar sound

    Is there a way to adjust the loudness using terminal?
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    Safari complaining about security certificates

    When I try to login to certain sites in SSL, Safari complains. Take PayPal for example. Their certificate is up-to-date, why give me a warning message? The warning states: ============ Safari can't verify the identity of the website "". The certificate for this website is...
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    Intel iMac lost internet connection

    I have two identical iMacs hooked up to a router. Both had no internet connection problems until now. One iMac works fine, the other just stopped. I swapped LAN cables and router ports but the iMac that quit connecting still won't connect.
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    How do I know Big Brother isn't watching through my built-in camera?

    I have an iMac running 10.5.8. I assume the built-in camera is that 5mm dot you see at the top center just above the screen. Other than doing something drastic like putting a piece of tape over it, is there a way I can know for sure that it is indeed turned off? I have no desire to use it...
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    Is there a way to change the backup schedule of Time Machine?

    Unix is not exactly my forte but is there a way? I would rather backups did not run every hour. For me it is overkill.
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    Possible to run FTP server on iMac?

    I have a windows 2003 server and an iMac. They are thouands of miles apart. Is there a way to automatically FTP files from the Windows server to the iMac? The file size would be about 50MB.
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    Downloading files on the internet

    I have MAC 10.5.8 and use Firefox 3.5.7. Whenever I download a file and try to open it, I get this warning: xxx is a web application which was downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it? Whereas "xxx" is the name of the file I downloaded. I want to get rid of this...