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    Keyboard shortcuts inactive

    Has anyone every noticed how the critical keyboard shortcuts such as space for free-browse or option for zoom in/out in programs like Freehand, Photoshop, or Fireworks stop working after a while? I have tracked it down to be related to my computer going to sleep and when it wakes up the...
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    Sony DRU500AX compatible with iDVD?

    Does anyone know if the new Sony DRU500AX writer will work with a new G4 Mac and iDVD? Thanks, any feedback appreciated. G
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    Replacement Cases for Tibooks?

    Several of my friends have TiBooks and I have seen them deteriorate framatically over time. I have noticed that paint is starting to come off around the edges of my Tibook 667 as well and am wondering if it is possible to purchase a new enclosure from somewhere. Apple once replaced my enclosure...
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    QuickTime 7 Video Conferencing

    Heard the rumor that QT 7 will FINALLY come with video conferencing? Can anyone confirm that? I had posted my dire need for a decent os x based video conferencing sw but so far everything is substandard. If so, anyone have a release day for QT 7? G
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    How come nobody mentioned this? ColdFusion on OSX?

    I usually visiti all the time but for the first time in a while I haven't and can you believe it - they release ColdFusion MX for OSX!!!!! This is AMAZING news and I can't believe I haven't read the news in any forum on (which I check more frequently than...
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    Mac OSX Webcam Drivers

    I bought three Logitech USB webcams earlier this year but much to my dismay I never successfuly found a working video conferencing software for Mac OS X. Am I the only one who would like to use OS X for video conferencing and feels like the vid. conf. market on the mac is totally under served...
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    Losing faith in Apple?

    I am a die-hard Apple fan and even worked for Apple and some point in the late 90s. I grew up with LCII's, Performas and even until today have bought into just about every generation of Powerbooks Apple has released. However, my passion and fascination with Apple products is starting to fade...
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    Final Cut Pro question

    Hope this is the right forum. I need to know if the academic and retail versions of Final Cut Pro 3 can be installed in multiple languages with just the CD's included in th US version. Does anyone have the Final Cut Pro 3 CD's and can confirm that it gives you the option to select the...
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    Powerbook Battery drain after 10.2 update

    After installing 10.2 on my new TiBook I noticed a significant difference when running off of battery. I usually never shut down my PB but instead put it in sleep mode all the the time. After the update the battery was depleted MUCH faster than under 10.1.5. I can usually leave it in sleep mode...
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    Quartz Extreme - is Apple on Crack?

    I have been reading about the Quartz Extreme controversy on Mac related sites but haven't really seem much talk about it here so I am posting this thread. My question is if Apple is simply on crack and is working in a wrong direction. For those who haven't heard: Quartz Extreme will yet...
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    Screen Shot to Clipboard

    I basically lived off of the Screenshot to clipboard (Shift - Command - 4 and then holding the control key) function to put together quick compositions in Photoshop. Since X this feature seems gone. As a workaround I have the Grab applicaton in my dock which at least allows me to select a...
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    Classic crashes every 2 minutes

    I am running 10.1.2 and OS 9.2.2 on my 733 G4. My problem is that classic crashes all the time and I have to restart it in order to proceed work in any application. This happens a lot with Entourage and 100% of the time with Flash 5. I stripped down the 9.2.2 system folder and removed...