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    My buddy found something interesting hiding in OSXPB. In /System/Library/CoreServices/ the strings that appear in the login dialog box are stored. There are some that only appear in certain situations, such as strings for...
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    Anyone tested Quake 2 / Quake 3 test?

    I ran Unreal Tourney, and while it did not hang the OS, it ran like crap, I couldn't move and I could see the system mouse cursor in the game. Took forever to load and to exit as well... I think thats pushing Classic a bit far . (G4 450 128 ram)
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    Installing *NIX apps?

    I'm a fairly new to the command line, and was trying to install BitchX, a popular Linux IRC client. I have the offocial Apple released developer tools (just got yesterday). Compilation and configuration ran seemingly fine, but make halted with ../include/ircaux.h:80: syntax error, found `+'...